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TRIUMPH presents special models: the Chrome Collection 2023!

Rocket GT MY23 Chrome Edition

In model year 2023, TRIUMPH has a special series on offer for all fans of the brand and those who want to become one: The new Chrome Collection comprises ten beautiful, handcrafted and distinctive motorcycles in a limited edition. Inspired by the classic custom look that is a significant part of TRIUMPH's mid-20th century history, this new collection of limited edition models celebrates the craftsmanship and artistry that forms an important part of the TRIUMPH brand DNA.

Chrome Collection 2023

Rocket GT MY23 Chrome Edition
An elegant powerhouse from every angle: The Rocket 3 GT Chrome Edition

Each of the ten new, limited-edition bikes in this special collection are only available for one year and feature unique new designs of the current bikes in the legendary Modern Classic Bonneville range, as well as the Rocket 3 bikes. All Edition models feature a handcrafted distinctive chrome design accompanied by perfectly matching new Chrome Edition accessories. The ten new special models of the Chrome Collection at a glance:

Rocket 3R Chrome Edition

  • powerful look thanks to a chrome tank with contrast jet black paintwork
  • also matching in jet black: fly screen, headlight housing, front fenders, radiator panels, side panels and rear panel

Rocket 3 GT Chrome Edition

  • eye-catching, chrome-plated tank with distinctive Diablo Red accents
  • complemented by the following parts in Jet Black: headlight housing, fly screen, front fenders, radiator shrouds, side covers and tailgate

Bonneville T120 Chrome Edition

  • Impressively elegant chrome tank with contrasting paintwork in the classic Meriden Blue
  • Jet Black fenders, headlamp housing and side covers

Bonneville Bobber Chrome Edition

  • sleek chrome tank with painted accents and Jet Black TRIUMPH triangle tank badge
  • also in jet black: fenders and side covers

Scrambler 1200 XE Chrome Edition

  • Chrome tank with a tank stripe painted in stylish Brooklands Green
  • Brushed aluminum fenders and exhaust shield, Jet Black headlight nacelle and side covers

Bonneville Speedmaster Chrome Edition

  • Elaborately crafted chrome tank with eye-catching contrast paint in Diablo Red
  • Jet Black fenders, side covers and headlamp housing
Thruxton RS MY23 Chrome Edition TOP
In the original look of the classic café racer: The Thruxton RS Chrome Edition

Thruxton RS Chrome Edition

  • In line with the cafe racer tradition, the fully chromed tank has subtle Jet Black painted edges
  • also in Jet Black to harmonize: fenders, side covers, seat covers and headlight housings

Bonneville T100 Chrome Edition

  • elegant-classic tank in cobalt blue with beautiful Chrome Edition metal stripes
  • the fenders and side covers are finished in Jet Black to contrast with the classic chrome logos and gas cap

Speed ​​Twin 900 Chrome Edition

  • Distinctive design in Red Hopper paintwork with Chrome Edition inserts on the tank sides with a metal look; combined with sleek Jet Black tank stripe and TRIUMPH triangle emblems with metal background
  • in contrasting jet black: fenders and side covers - the latter with new logo graphics in red and silver

Scrambler 900 Chrome Edition

  • Distinctive Brooklands Green design with Jet Black tank stripes and Chrome Edition metal look tank side inserts; combined with TRIUMPH triangle tank emblems including chrome background
  • Fenders, side covers and frame covers in jet black

The ten new special models of the Chrome Collection in detail:

After the great success of the eight Modern Classic “Gold Line” models in the past model year, TRIUMPH is now again offering a limited special series that will only be available in the 2023 model year that is currently starting. The new Chrome Collection for 2023 will even include ten exclusive motorcycles, all of which can boast tanks and other details in elegant chrome or shiny metal look.

Inspired by the chrome designs from the brand's legendary past, the new Chrome Collection celebrates TRIUMPH's state-of-the-art chrome plating facility, perfected over many years by specialized technicians to create numerous accessories, logos and other details. The result is a flawless chrome finish every time - distinctive, stylish and superbly crafted. Each of the ten new limited editions, spanning the iconic TRIUMPH Bonneville line and Rocket 3 models, features a unique Chrome Edition design.

These have been specially developed to reflect the individual tradition and design of each model. In connection with the engine power, the neutral driving behavior and the contemporary equipment of the Modern Classics series, these attractive special models offer great driving pleasure as well as a noble look with a particularly nostalgic-classic aura. The limited Chrome Collection motorcycles are available to order now. They are only available for one year and will be available at retailers around the world from late 2022/early 2023.

Rocket 3R Chrome Edition

The new Rocket 3 R Chrome Edition is without question a real eye-catcher. The fully chrome fuel tank with Jet Black accents is complemented by matching fenders, headlamp nacelles, fly screen, radiator shrouds, quarter panels and tailgate. The matte aluminum upper grille and fork guards contrast perfectly with the black engine and chassis.

As the highest-displacement production motorcycle, the Rocket 3 R is the ultimate high-performance roadster. With a broad, flat torque curve that peaks at 4.000 rpm, peaking at 221 Nm, the 2.500 cc three-cylinder engine is in a class of its own with unique engine characteristics.

State-of-the-art technology ensures the smoothest possible power delivery, with ride-by-wire throttle bodies, four riding modes, cornering-optimized traction control and ABS. The chassis is also of high quality, with dual-adjustable Showa 47mm USD forks with 120mm of travel and a fully adjustable Showa reservoir monoshock with 107mm of travel. The high-quality Brembo Stylema brake system with 320 mm brake discs is extremely powerful and perfectly controllable. Available for one year only, the Rocket 3 R Chrome Edition Accessory Kit complements the special series with a range of specially selected accessories such as turn signals and handlebar mirrors.

Rocket 3 GT Chrome Edition

A powerful appearance paired with superior performance and relaxed driving comfort - the Rocket 3 GT has redefined the cruiser category with its impressive technical data and its touring suitability. Now, new for 2023 and available for one year only, the Rocket 3 GT Chrome Edition sits alongside the Rocket 3 R Chrome Edition and shares the same full chrome tank with a striking Diablo Red contrast paint finish. The headlight housings, fly screen, front fender , radiator shrouds and side covers are finished in jet black and perfectly complement the bright red and chrome. In contrast to this are the fork protectors and upper radiator covers in matt aluminum silver. They underline the lines and harmonize perfectly with the matching exhaust system and the intake tract.

With the largest displacement of any production motorcycle in the world, the Rocket 3 offers record-breaking torque and the best-in-class equipment and technology to match. Ride-by-wire throttles, cornering traction control and cornering ABS ensure safety in all conditions, while the four riding modes can be changed depending on the conditions and rider preference. High-quality components such as the two-way adjustable Showa 47 mm USD fork and the fully adjustable Showa shock absorber with reservoir ensure a high level of riding comfort, whether solo or as a couple with luggage. Braking is always secure and confidence-inspiring, thanks to premium Brembo Stylema dual calipers matched to 320mm discs.

Bonneville T120 Chrome Edition

The Bonneville T120 is the ultimate British motorcycle icon. It combines modern handling with an exciting, high-torque engine characteristic and the original, iconic Bonneville style. For 2023, the Bonneville T120 Chrome Edition offers a new history-inspired look. The heart of this limited edition fuel tank is chromed to perfection – with complementary areas of paintwork in the unmistakable Meriden Blue. In contrast, the fenders, headlight housings and side covers are in jet black. A matching fly screen in Meriden Blue is also available as an accessory to complete the look and improve long-distance driving comfort. It is also included in the special Bonneville T120 Chrome Edition Accessory Kit.

The Bonneville T120 comes with a complete package of modern technology. The equipment includes a 41 mm cartridge fork, a preload-adjustable double rear suspension and two Brembo brake calipers with ABS at the front. The result is a bike that combines dynamic agility with neutral, light handling, now with a stunning new Chrome Edition look.

Bonneville Bobber Chrome Edition

With its powerful stance and easy handling, the Bonneville Bobber was an instant hit. The understated style, spoked wheels, wide handlebars and unmistakable hardtail look - this modern icon has a loyal following. The new Bonneville Bobber Chrome Edition is the perfect contrast to its black look and style. It features a sleek, chrome-plated fuel tank finished with a Jet Black paint overlay and detailed TRIUMPH triangle logos. The solid color finish is complemented by jet black fenders and quarter panels with the unmistakable Bobber logo. A matching short Jet Black front fender is available as an accessory and is also included in the special Bonneville Bobber Chrome Edition accessory kit. The Chrome Edition of the Bobber features the latest Bonneville twin with a whopping 106 Newton meters of torque. The torque-assist clutch makes operation easier, making the Bobber an easy and comfortable motorcycle to ride.

A fat 16" front wheel and beefy 47mm Showa cartridge forks, which in combination with the innovative "hidden" rear monoshock ensure agile handling without compromising on comfort, complete the high-quality equipment of the Bobber. The Brembo double disc brakes at the front ensure powerful, controlled deceleration.

Scrambler 1200 XE Chrome Edition

Available only for 2023, the Scrambler 1200 XE Chrome Edition showcases a bold new style. The full chrome tank features a Brooklands Green painted stripe incorporating the TRIUMPH triangle tank logos. Brushed aluminum fenders and muffler shields complement the tank perfectly, while the headlight nacelles and side covers are finished in subtle Jet Black. A hand-picked selection of accessories is the Scrambler 1200 XE Chrome Edition Accessory Kit, which can be seen in the TRIUMPH configurator.

The Scrambler 1200 XE Chrome Edition sets the standard for features and off-road capability and is powered by a high-torque 1200cc Bonneville twin engine with special Scrambler tuning. The high-quality chassis with fully adjustable USD Showa forks and Öhlins double shock absorbers with 250 mm rear travel ensures impressive driving performance. The Brembo M50 radial brakes with switchable cornering ABS offer safe braking under all conditions.

Bonneville Speedmaster Chrome Edition

The new Bonneville Speedmaster Chrome Edition is a real eye-catcher. The intricately finished chrome fuel tank with its Diablo Red trim makes this bike stand out from the crowd. Jet Black fenders, side covers and headlamp housings provide a fitting contrast to the gleaming chrome. A short front fender in matching Jet Black is available as an accessory to emphasize individual style, as is a special Bonneville Speedmaster Chrome Edition Accessory Kit with a hand-picked set of chrome accessories.

The Chrome Edition is a stunningly beautiful reinterpretation of TRIUMPH's British custom classic. It offers the elegant appearance and style of the Speedmaster with the smooth, high-torque 1.200cc Bonneville engine that provides a comfortable cruiser driving experience.
Like all models in the Bonneville line, the Speedmaster features a variety of driver-focused technologies such as ride-by-wire throttle, Road and Rain riding modes, traction control, ABS, full LED lighting, cruise control and immobilizer. Everything is perfectly tuned to ensure a modern ride without sacrificing the classic looks.

Thruxton RS Chrome Edition

The Thruxton RS is the essence of the classic cafe racer - paired with cutting-edge technology and performance. And now, in 2023, the Thruxton RS Chrome Edition with its fully chromed tank makes a literally "shiny" new statement - which is further emphasized with the jet black painted edges on the tank. To underline the unmistakable two-tone style of the Chrome Edition, the Jet Black fenders, side covers, seat cowl and headlight housing contrast beautifully with the gleaming chrome, while Matt Silver Ice fork protectors add shape and form to the bike's distinctive front end. Matching jet black cockpit fairing is also available, adding even more individual style and wind protection to this classic sporty cafe racer. The fairing is also included in the special Thruxton RS Chrome Edition Accessory Kit.

The legendary 1200cc Bonneville twin in the sporty Thruxton RS tuning provides high torque in the lower rpm range and a peak output of 105 hp. Fully adjustable USD 43mm "Big Piston" Showa forks and dual Öhlins reservoir shocks provide 120mm of travel for impeccable handling. The twin Brembo M50 4-piston radial monobloc calipers with 310mm discs have performance on par with modern supersport bikes.

Bonneville T100 Chrome Edition

The Bonneville T100 Chrome Edition features a Cobalt Blue fuel tank with an exclusive Chrome Edition metal stripe. In addition, the fenders, side covers and headlight housings are finished in rich jet black. For added convenience and custom style, a matching Cobalt Blue Fly Screen is available as an accessory, also included in the Bonneville T100 Chrome Edition Accessory Kit.

The Bonneville T100 is an accessible, easy-to-handle machine with classic Bonneville performance - a perfect entry into the Modern Classic model family. Confidence-inspiring and A2-convertible, the T100 features cartridge forks, Brembo front brakes, ABS, traction control and a torque-assist clutch. The high-torque 900cc Bonneville engine delivers 65 hp at 7.400 rpm with maximum torque of 80 Nm at 3.750 rpm. This results in a balanced engine character with easily controllable power at low engine speeds and plenty of torque in the upper engine speed range for long-lasting driving pleasure on all roads.

Speed ​​Twin 900 Chrome Edition

The Speed ​​Twin 2023 Chrome Edition, new for 900, is characterized by its rich tank design in Red Hopper with elegant Jet Black stripes and striking metal-look tank cutouts - complemented by the new TRIUMPH triangular tank emblems with metal details. There are also side covers with new red and silver graphics and jet black fenders. To complete the classic custom look, a matching Red Hopper Fly Screen is available, which is also included in the special Speed ​​Twin 900 Chrome Edition Accessory Kit.

The Speed ​​Twin 900 is TRIUMPH's best-selling Modern Classic model and has earned widespread popularity for its confidence-inspiring ride, accessible yet exhilarating performance, and distinctive custom style. It can also be made A2-compliant with a conversion kit available as an accessory. Powered by the high-torque 900cc Bonneville Twin engine, the Speed ​​Twin 900 not only has a lot of power, but also offers modern equipment. A high-quality 41 mm cartridge front fork with 120 mm travel and traditional rubber bellows and preload-adjustable rear struts ensure modern handling and ride comfort as well as the classic look.

Scrambler 900 Chrome Edition

The off-road attitude of the Scrambler 900 means off-road capability combined with a wide range of uses and plenty of driving fun. The Scrambler 900 offers both powerful and balanced power delivery and a low seat height - for more self-confidence in the driver and a comfortable position. The maneuverability and maneuverability of the Scrambler 900 make it the perfect entry into the field of modern, classic adventure road motorcycles. With an accessory kit, the Scrambler 900 can also be converted for the A2 driving license.
The torquey 900cc Bonneville engine, tuned specifically for the Scrambler 900, has plenty of power in all conditions. Ride-by-wire throttle bodies provide excellent driveability and control, essential for a motorcycle designed to conquer any road or trail.

New for 2023, the Scrambler 900 Chrome Edition features a distinctive Brooklands Green tank with classic Jet Black tank stripe and bold metal-look tank cutouts. TRIUMPH triangle logos with metal detailing complete the look, while the fenders, quarter panels and frame covers are finished in Jet Black. A Jet Black tall fender and Brooklands Green fly screen are available as matching accessories, as is a special Scrambler 900 Chrome Edition Accessory Kit.

Rocket GT MY23 Chrome Edition
An elegant powerhouse from every angle: The Rocket 3 GT Chrome Edition

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