Thursday 28rd September 2023

Wunderlich components for the BMW Scooter CE 04!

Wunderlich components for the BMW Scooter CE 04!

BMW Motorrad regularly sets the benchmark in terms of quality. This undoubtedly also applies to the Scooter CE 04 - and this high standard applies even more to its excellent, independently avant-garde design. You can also expect quality from the BMW specialist Wunderlich. Of course, also for the model-specific components that have now been created for the scooter and presented for the first time at INTERMOT and will be exhibited at EICMA. Anyone who chooses a BMW CE 04 is also making a conscious decision in favor of an exclusive design object and has the same high standards when it comes to the quality of the design of the accessories.

for the BMW Scooter CE 04

The outstandingly designed products that have been developed for the CE 04 show once again the great feeling that the Wunderlich development department has for the sophisticated design integration of functional accessory components: This applies to the spacious luggage rack that is also suitable for a passenger, the business bag that can be inserted smartly, the MARATHON disc that protects comfortably and for the hand protectors that - and especially now in autumn - also make sense in the metropolis.

  • luggage rack
    - 41804-000 - Wunderlich luggage rack - black
  • Business bag with basic holder
    – 42011-002 Wunderlich business bag – black
  • MARATHON slices
    – 42004-000 Wunderlich MARATHON disc – transparent
    – 42004-002 Wunderlich MARATHON screen – smoke grey
  • handguards
    – 42006-000 Wunderlich hand protectors – transparent
    – 42006-001 Wunderlich hand protectors – white
    – 42006-002 Wunderlich hand protectors – smoke grey
    – 42006-003 Wunderlich hand protectors – black


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Wunderlich components for the BMW Scooter CE 04!

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Wunderlich components for the BMW Scooter CE 04!

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Wunderlich components for the BMW Scooter CE 04!

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Wunderlich components for the BMW Scooter CE 04!

Functionality and design that match.
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