Out and about in winter by motorcycle or scooter!

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motorcycle winter scooter fast ice driving tips 2 e1638635231562 Out and about in winter with a motorcycle or scooter!

Motorcycles and winter are a tricky combination, but they are mutually exclusive should not must exclude. With a little preparation, you can safely get through the cold season with your motorcycle or scooter! Anyone who drives a motorcycle in icy temperatures should, however, be extremely careful, because from 3-5 degrees Celsius to below zero the roads quickly become slippery, even without snow. As soon as the first snowstorm sets in, you shouldn't be on the road if possible. Too bad it's hardly any special Winter tires for motorcycles gives.

Winter with motorcycle and scooter!

motorcycle winter scooter fast ice driving tips e1638635187934 Out and about in winter with a motorcycle or scooter!

All of this makes driving in the cold season more dangerousas there are no spikes for the road and not even one aimed at snow rubber compound gives. So you should go for one Enduro tires set. This builds up temperature more quickly and makes it possible to have at least some grip on the ice-covered roads. Driving in the wet is generally not easy. The road surface and the road markings are particularly streaky. And be extra careful when you get over Manhole cover or tram rails travel. Accelerating unnecessarily, hectic steering movements and rapid braking maneuvers should also be avoided. Try to "round and forward-looking" to drive.

Avoid driving mistakes by warming your hands!

When you're frozen through, your fingers feel clammy. Braking and accelerating can be risky because you may not be able to hold the handlebars properly. If you wear your fingers with special gloves (Winter gloves, gauntlets over the handles, etc.) keep warm, you can solve the problem avoid. And a constant wind makes things worse. Functional underwear for skiing is only effective if you use it constantly is in motion.

motorcycle winter scooter fast ice driving tips 3 e1638635299354 Out and about in winter with a motorcycle or scooter!

For example when skiing or hiking. This is not the case on a motorcycle or moped. The good old one Angora wool keeps you warm in the cold. Because it is more classic materials and natural fibers that warm the body, no matter how long you sit on the bike, scooter or motorcycle! Tip: If you add reflective strips to your jacket and trousers, you will be seen better.

Prevention instead of repair

You also need to make sure that the battery is in good condition and its SOC check regularly. If you don't take care of it, the motorcycle or scooter may go at an inopportune time does not start. Another important thing to remember when driving in the winter season is that the brake fluid and I baked the Olive oil are more viscous in the damper due to the cold. Thus, everything reacts to a number in the cold season slower. And that in turn has an impact on the driving characteristics.

Winter road conditions with ice, snow and salt are basically a burden for every motorcycle because the two-wheelers are not designed for it. The salt got everywhere on the vehicle and caused damage. Cars are prepared for the winter in a significantly different way (much better preserved), which is why there is a risk of corrosion is bigger. This can lead to considerable wear and tear in a very short time! We recommend using various preservative lubricants for plug connections, Bowden cables and the metal parts of the bike, and lubricating the motorcycle everywhere. And you should also have supplies ready! All of this helps to keep the vehicle in good shape until next summer.

motorcycle winter scooter fast ice driving tips 4 e1638635358161 Out and about in winter with a motorcycle or scooter!

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