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The new Yamaha TRACER 9 GT+ and TRACER 9 GT!

The new Yamaha TRACER 9 GT+ and TRACER 9 GT!

Yamaha Sport Touring models are the choice for all riders who want to experience the world's most winding roads in a very special way. With their combination of performance, comfort and versatility, these models are the ideal travel companions. The current version of the TRACER 9 and TRACER 9 GT are very popular with their high-torque 890 cm³ CP3 engine and the wide range of driver assistance systems. Building on the strengths of these models, there is now another variant of the sport touring bike: The new TRACER 9 GT+ is equipped with absolute top technology and sets new standards.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

The TRACER 9 GT+ is the first Yamaha to be equipped with adaptive cruise control (ACC). This advanced new system offers all the benefits of traditional cruise control plus the ability to automatically maintain a fixed distance from the vehicle in front. A built-in millimeter wave radar constantly measures the distance to vehicles immediately in front of the TRACER 9 GT+.

The ACC system automatically controls the cruising speed, braking and acceleration according to the current traffic situation. The distance to the vehicle in front can be set in four steps. In order to maintain the preselected distance to the vehicle in front, the engine brake and the brakes are activated to reduce speed - in this order.

Other functions of the ACC system

The new Yamaha TRACER 9 GT+ and TRACER 9 GT!

The system not only maintains a preset following distance, but also offers a curve assistant. This prevents an increase in speed when the system detects that the motorcycle is cornering. Overtaking Assist will accelerate the TRACER 9 GT+ more gently than normal when it detects that the motorcycle's turn signal is on and an overtaking maneuver is imminent. In addition to the engine, the ACC system is also connected to the electronic suspension. To reduce excessive dive and keep the chassis stable, the damping force of the electronic suspension is adjusted.

radar based Combination braking system front/rear

As the flagship of the Yamaha Sport Touring range, the TRACER 9 GT+ was chosen to introduce a range of innovative, best-in-class technologies - including the world's first radar-based Unified Brake System (UBS). The new system works actively for maximum control. To do this, it uses the data from the millimeter wave radar and the 6-axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) to support and regulate the braking forces on the front and rear wheels via the Bosch hydraulic unit, which optimizes the control and braking force distribution of the braking system. The radar-guided combination braking system, which only works when the BC (Brake Control) is engaged, consists of three main elements. First of all, the brake assistant intervenes when the system detects that a collision is imminent. Second, the braking forces on both wheels are controlled to ensure stable deceleration. Third, Cornering Brake Control automatically adjusts braking force to prevent tire slippage when cornering.

The radar-based combination braking system continuously analyzes the following distance data from the millimeter wave radar. If the system calculates that the driver's brake application is not sufficient to avoid a collision with the vehicle in front, it increases the brake pressure on the front and rear wheels to slow the TRACER 9 GT+. The system provides additional braking assistance and only intervenes when the BC function is switched on and the driver brakes. It is not a collision avoidance system.

The new Yamaha TRACER 9 GT+ and TRACER 9 GT!

The assisted combination braking system regulates the distribution of braking force between the front and rear wheels. If the driver only uses the front wheel brake, the hydraulic unit automatically brakes the rear wheel as well. The degree of intervention is calculated using IMU data that provides information on acceleration changes and bank angles. When only the rear brake is used, the system will sometimes, but not always, apply additional braking power to the front wheel via the hydraulic unit. This is done depending on the force applied to the brake and the IMU data on the riding condition of the motorcycle. The combination braking system is also networked with the electronic suspension and adjusts the damping of the front and rear wheel suspension during braking in order to maintain chassis stability.

millimeter wave radar

  • The new systems draw their data from millimeter wave radar, which measures the distance to the vehicle immediately ahead of the motorcycle. This compact, integrated radar device weighs only 200 grams and is located behind a new protective cover in the front of the TRACER 9 GT+.

New 7 inch TFT full color display

  • Drivers of the TRACER 9 GT+ can choose between three different display modes on the new, bright TFT full-color display. Each display mode has a different feel to suit different driving styles and personal preferences. With the choice between a clean, modern display, a reduced sporty style or a design inspired by Yamaha's development ideal Jin-Ki Kanno, there is a suitable display mode for every driver.

The new Yamaha TRACER 9 GT+ and TRACER 9 GT!

Smartphone connectivity

  • The TRACER 9 GT+ offers smartphone connectivity through the Communication Control Unit. Using the Yamaha MyRide app, the rider can connect their smartphone to the motorcycle via USB, WiFi or Bluetooth®. Once the owner has paired their smartphone, they can see notifications of incoming calls, emails and text messages on the TFT display.
  • TRACER 9 GT+ riders can also access a range of menus and functions via the new ergonomic controls on the left-hand side of the handlebar. When the bike is stationary, the new, bright 7" TFT display can show everything from the weather forecast to detailed notifications.

 New full-screen navigation system from Garmin

The Garmin full screen navigation system can be easily installed. All the driver has to do is connect their smartphone via the free MyRide app and download the Garmin Motorize app*. A full-screen navigation window can be opened in the TFT display, which shows the selected route. Spoken driving instructions can be played via a headset** connected via Bluetooth®. Navigation features include real-time traffic information, estimated time of arrival and alternative routes to avoid traffic jams. Other useful features include kilometers that can be driven on the remaining fuel and real-time updates showing local weather information as well as the weather conditions at the selected destination. The Garmin Motorize app can be operated using a joystick and the home button on the left handlebar when the vehicle is stationary.

New third generation Quick Shift System

  • The TRACER 9 GT+ has a Quick Shift system that allows both upshifts and downshifts without the clutch. Unlike conventional systems, this new system allows you to change gear without deactivating the cruise control system.

The new Yamaha TRACER 9 GT+ and TRACER 9 GT!

Electronically controlled, semi-active KYB suspension elements

  • The TRACER 9 GT+ is equipped with the new generation of the electronically controlled damping system KADS (KYB Actimatic Damper System). Developed jointly with KYB, it is designed to combine exciting sporting performance with an extremely comfortable ride. This fully integrated front and rear suspension system is controlled by the 6-axis IMU. The damping forces are automatically adjusted via the hydraulic unit (HU) and the suspension control unit (SCU). The KADS can be set to a sport or comfort mode and adapts to the respective driving conditions by constantly adjusting the damping forces.

Selectable driving modes

  • The TRACER 9 GT+ benefits from a refined D-Mode (engine characteristic selection) which is now fully linked to the bike's 6-axis IMU and the comprehensive package of lean angle sensitive rider assistance systems. This new system is more intuitive to use. The driver has the option of choosing one of four integrated driving modes: "Sport", "Street", "Rain" or "Custom" - which are achieved by jointly tuning engine characteristics (D-Mode), traction control, slip control, lift control system and electronic damping control of the suspension ensure better controllability in a variety of driving situations. The selectable options “Sport”, “Street” and “Rain” offer integrated factory settings with different levels of intervention for different conditions. These preset modes were developed by the engineers based on test rider feedback. The fourth option, Custom, allows the driver to manually select their own intervention settings for the various electronically controlled driver assistance systems and save them as their tailored mode.

Ergonomic switches on the handlebar

  • Redesigned handlebar switches with joystick and home button allow the rider to operate a greater number of functions, including smartphone connectivity and navigation system. The groups of switches on the right and left are clearly and logically structured and simply designed. The ergonomic arrangement allows sensitive thumb movement for easy and intuitive operation. The switches are backlit for easy identification and operation in the dark.

The new Yamaha TRACER 9 GT+ and TRACER 9 GT!

Improved height-adjustable driver's seat and new seat cover material

  • The height-adjustable driver's seat has been optimized with new padding and a revised shape for more comfort. A new leatherette cover underscores the quality of the Sport Tourer.

Larger diameter rear disc brake

  • For a better driving experience, the diameter of the rear brake disc has been increased by almost 9% to 267 mm. In addition, the design of the rear brake caliper has been revised. A new brake pedal and new tinted see-through brake fluid reservoirs front and rear reinforce the premium quality impression.

detail changes

  • To accommodate the upgraded specification and provide an even better driving experience, the TRACER 9 GT+ has received several detail changes, including a new USB A socket, a redesigned cockpit mount and revised fairing struts. There is also a new brake pedal bracket to match the new rear wheel brake system.

Full LED lighting system with cornering lights

  • A complete LED system is used for the lighting. Yamaha's sophisticated cornering light is part of the standard equipment of the TRACER 9 GT+. When the motorcycle is traveling at a speed of at least 5 km/h and the lean angle exceeds 7°, the cornering light automatically illuminates the inside of the corner.

The new Yamaha TRACER 9 GT+ and TRACER 9 GT!

New and revised features

  • Adaptive Cruise Control System (ACC)
  • Radar assisted front/rear combi braking system (UBS)
  • millimeter wave radar
  • 7 inch TFT full color display
  • Smartphone connectivity
  • Garmin full-screen navigation system
  • Refined and integrated, electronically controlled KYB suspension elements
  • Communication Control Unit (CCU)
  • Integrated driving modes
  • Ergonomic switch groups on the handlebars
  • USB A socket
  • Improved, height-adjustable driver's seat and new seat cover material
  • Tinted clear brake fluid reservoirs front and rear
  • Special colors and paintwork
  • Improved side case carrier with damping system
  • Third generation Quick Shift System
  • Larger diameter rear disc brake
  • Revised brake caliper, master cylinder and brake pedal for rear brake

Features - continued

  • 890cc CP3 engine with strong, linear torque
  • Ride-by-wire throttle control with APSG and YCC-T
  • 6 axis IMU plus lean angle sensitive driver assistance systems
  • Lightweight CF aluminum die-cast frame
  • Full LED lighting system with cornering lights
  • Large screen adjustable in ten steps
  • Heated handle
  • Hard side cases
  • main stand

colors and availability

  • The TRACER 9 GT+ is expected to be available from Yamaha partners from June 2023. It is available in the colors Icon Performance and Power Gray.

Original accessories

The Yamaha Genuine Accessories range includes quality parts that allow TRACER 9 GT+ owners to customize their bike to suit their lifestyle and individual priorities. The range includes everything from top cases and billet levers to Akrapovic performance exhaust systems and lightweight radiator and sump panels, making it very easy to build a truly unique motorcycle. Yamaha also offer a range of CE approved rider clothing as well as casual wear for both men and women.

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The new Yamaha TRACER 9 GT+ and TRACER 9 GT!

The new Yamaha TRACER 9 GT+!
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