New Grizzly 700 25th Anniversary model from Yamaha!

New Grizzly 700 25th Anniversary Model YFM70 Yamaha 14

The great goal of the Yamaha Motor brand is to evoke emotions that move people's hearts and create incredible memories. The brand's wide range of products pursues the common goal of providing customers with unforgettable experiences. To help customers find their dream vehicle, Yamaha has designed its product range to make it easy to find the product that fits your experience preference. The range of Yamaha ATV and Side-By-Side models includes Utility, Leisure and Sport. The leisure segment of Yamaha ATV and Side-By-Side models also includes the legendary RMAX™ 1000 family of high-performance off-roaders and true forces of nature, as well as the incredibly versatile Grizzly, which was developed for exploring the most demanding terrain. And with the presentation of the new 25th Anniversary Edition of the Grizzly, which honors the rich heritage of this legendary vehicle, Yamaha once again creates a highlight.

The force of nature is back!

The Grizzly 700 25th Anniversary builds on the legendary heritage of the original 1998 powerhouse - the Grizzly 600. Fans of this classic will love the redesigned graphics that capture the distinctive look that made the Grizzly a legend among nature-loving adventurers around the world. Now, two and a half decades later, the 25thth Anniversary Edition sure to delight Grizzly fans again. The new ATV offers exceptional build quality and an adventure accessory pack that offers unparalleled extreme terrain and wilderness exploration. Every detail of the vehicle impressively reflects the Grizzly's rich heritage and allows a lucky few to own a piece of genuine Yamaha history that paints a whole new picture of the modern ATV market in Europe.

Calling all active adventure seekers

New Grizzly 700 25th Anniversary Model YFM70 Yamaha 3

The Grizzly 700 25th Anniversary is at home in the wild. It allows for wild weekend trips or simply turns off-road riding into something even more beautiful. This grizzly is perfect for anyone who #DRIVENBYWant to experience FREEDOM with the freedom of the great outdoors filled with adventure while being sheltered from the vagaries of the rugged terrain. This ATV is designed to push boundaries and help riders live life at the limit and break new ground as one with their ATV and the world around them. It also pays homage to the original force of nature - the classic Grizzly 600.

Bearded equipment

The graphics of the 25thth Anniversary models feature classic Yamaha Blue hexagons that represent natural strength and robustness. There is also a high quality, two-tone seat cover, color-coordinated (machined) wheels and struts and a 3-tone color scheme that makes this model stand out. And with the exclusive 25th Anniversary Graphics receive a special upgrade for the proud owners.

This model comes with a complete package of protective accessories that also make the Grizzly look even more aggressive. A heavy-duty crash bar and skid plate give this grizzly extra protection for extreme challenges. The driver has also been thought of: the hand protectors protect against branches or rocks and the fender flares keep mud, water and other objects away from you.

Embodiment of outstanding engineering

New Grizzly 700 25th Anniversary Model YFM70 Yamaha 12

The Grizzly 700 25th Anniversary is powered by a large-displacement, high-performance engine that is class-leading in terms of torque and power. The 686cc, XNUMX-valve OHC MK II engine features the latest EFI throttle body, fine tuned ECU maps and refined tolerances. This reduces fuel consumption with impressive torque and smoother engine operation. The excellent Yamaha Ultramatic® automatic transmission is one of the most resilient and efficient CVT systems. The responsive transmission handles the toughest terrain, and the natural feel of the four-wheel engine braking system provides extra confidence and control on descents and slow, technical passages.

New Grizzly 700 25th Anniversary Model YFM70 Yamaha 16

On the independent suspension of the Grizzly 700 25th Anniversary gas struts are used, the preload of which is adjustable so that the driver can adapt the suspension to changing loads. This is also the only model in its class with hydraulic disc brakes on all four wheels for excellent stopping power and ultimate control. The intelligent On-Command® drive system has a convenient push-button control that allows you to switch seamlessly and at lightning speed between 2WD, 4WD or 4WD with differential lock to optimally adapt the drive to changing terrain and weather conditions.

Adventure made easier

The Grizzly 700 25th Anniversary has one of the highest production specifications in its category. This includes the front-mounted WARN VRX 25 winch. With a total payload of 140 kilograms and a towing capacity of up to 600 kilograms, this outstanding leisure ATV is the perfect partner for towing, fishing and camping adventures. To increase comfort and reduce effort, the 25thth Anniversary model of the Grizzly is equipped with Electromechanical Power Steering (EPS) that offers a perfect balance between driver support and precise feedback.

New Grizzly 700 25th Anniversary Model YFM70 Yamaha 26

The smooth steering and precise handling ensure more driving comfort and control. The Grizzly 700 25th Anniversary has a multifunction digital cockpit with fuel gauge, speedometer, odometer, dual trip meters, hour meter, clock, XNUMXWD status indicator, gear selector and EPS warning light. Three separate storage compartments provide ample secure space for tools or personal items.

Unique and exclusive

Adding to the already incredible specs of the Grizzly 700 EPS, the 25th Anniversary model is characterized by the following exclusive features:

  • Heavy-duty crash bars, skid plates, flared fenders and handguards provide additional protection for rider and vehicle
  • New 25th Anniversary Graphics featuring tough, nature-inspired retro hexagons in Yamaha Blue and a striking 3-tone color scheme
  • Unique, color-coordinated two-tone seat, shock absorbers and beefy 27-inch custom wheels
  • Limited edition 25th anniversary logo

parts and Accessories

Drivers will be amazed by the authenticity of this 25thth Anniversary Grizzly, and that legacy of quality is maintained through the extensive range of Genuine Yamaha Parts and Accessories. After 25 years, nobody knows a grizzly like Yamaha does.

New Grizzly 700 25th Anniversary Model YFM70 Yamaha 10

Personalize your grizzly with the MyGarage app

  • Yamaha is always looking for ways to better meet customers' needs. This also applies to the time before the purchase. Like all Yamaha leisure and utility ATVs, the Grizzly 700 25th Anniversary is available on the MyGarage app, where customers can try countless combinations of accessories to create their ultimate ATV. The individual designs are created using a high-performance, high-end, real-time 3D computer, so customers can immediately view their design from any angle in HD. If customers are satisfied with their dream vehicle, they can send their creation directly to a Yamaha partner.

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New Grizzly 700 25th Anniversary model from Yamaha!
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