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The new R125: Yamaha's super sports lightweight on a new level!

The new R125: Yamaha's super sports lightweight on a new level!

Complete Supersport range from 125cc to 1.000cc! It has been almost 25 years since Yamaha presented the very first R1 and turned the motorcycle world upside down. Since then, the numerous members of the R series have inspired thousands of drivers - on and off the race track. Yamaha offers an impressively wide range of supersport motorcycles, so there is a model for every rider and for every application. In addition to the R1 GYTR, R6 GYTR and R6 RACE, which are intended exclusively for use on the race track, there are the R1M, R1, R7, R3 and R125 models that are street legal. The R125, which enables entry into the R world, comes up with a number of impressive innovations in the 2023 model year.

Latest R Series design

The R125 gets a completely new look that fits seamlessly into the R series. A powerful new LED headlight sits centrally in the M-shaped nose and delivers brilliant low and high beam. The headlight's ultra-compact dimensions and low weight allow the installation of a highly aerodynamic front fairing with LED position lights. So the R125 known a radical, new "big bike" appearance. Featuring a more aggressive front end, as well as an aerodynamic new fairing and redesigned tank covers, the all-new fairing changes the look of the lightweight Yamaha supersport. This redesigned fairing gives the bike an all-round coherent and classy look that underscores this bike's status as a premium, high-performance 125.

1 inch TFT display inspired by the R5

The new R125: Yamaha's super sports lightweight on a new level!

The new 2023 R125 benefits from the very latest 5 inch TFT color display inspired by the top model R1. There are two different graphics options to choose from: To adapt to different driving situations, the driver can choose either the "Street" option or the "Track" option. The "Street" option has a central digital speedometer and bar-graph tachometer. The "Track" option shows a more focused layout with a central lap timer, with 25 lap memory and a bar speedometer above. Both screen options have a programmable shift light at the top of the display. The "Track" option allows the driver to choose which section of the tachometer should be displayed.

Smartphone connectivity

The 2023 R125 is equipped with a Communication Control Unit (CCU) and offers smartphone connectivity. To do this, the rider's smartphone must first be connected to the motorcycle via Bluetooth® via Yamaha's free MyRide app. Once the owner has paired their smartphone, they can see notifications of incoming calls, emails and text messages on the new 5 inch TFT display.

The new R125: Yamaha's super sports lightweight on a new level!

With the appropriate configuration, the system also provides information about the technical status of the R125. If desired, an email can be sent to a Yamaha partner or a contact person designated by the rider. The MyRide app also offers many other useful functions, e.g. B. monitoring of all important parameters of the bike, recording of route, distance covered, acceleration, maximum speed, lean angle and many other data. The information can be shared on social media and compared with other drivers

traction control

For the ultimate in confidence and control, the R125 is equipped with traction control. The status of this switchable system is shown on the new 5 inch TFT display and can be used for certain situations, such as e.g. B. driving on the race track can be deactivated.

New upper triple clamp and handlebar switch based on the R1

With the new 5 inch TFT display and the new R1 inspired high quality top triple clamp that underlines the R series DNA, the overall look and feel of the R125 cockpit is taken to a whole new level. The clip-on handlebar is equipped with new, ergonomic switches that allow the rider to intuitively control various functions.

The new R125: Yamaha's super sports lightweight on a new level!

Prepared for Quickshifter

To underline its sporty character and enable optimal acceleration, the new R125 is pre-wired for the installation of an optional Quick Shift system, available as a genuine Yamaha accessory.

Michelin Pilot Street tires

The 2023 model rolls on Michelin Pilot Street tires that ensure sporty handling combined with strong performance on wet and dry roads. The new tires offer an excellent balance between grip and durability. With a 100/80-17 front tire and a wide 140/70-17 rear tire, this combination gives the R125 excellent handling and agile cornering.

The new R125: Yamaha's super sports lightweight on a new level!

R125 – technical highlights

  • Dynamic R Series fairing design
  • Compact LED headlight
  • LED position lights
  • 5 inch TFT display with two display options
  • Programmable shift light and rev range
  • Smartphone connectivity via CCU with Bluetooth
  • traction control
  • R1 inspired upper triple clamp and handlebar switch
  • Pre-wiring for Quickshifter
  • High-torque 125cc four-stroke engine with variable valve timing
  • Slipper clutch
  • 41 mm strong KYB upside-down telescopic fork
  • Floating 292mm front disc / 220mm rear disc
  • Radial mounted front caliper
  • Deltabox frame with optimized geometry
  • Michelin Pilot Street tires 100/80-17 front / 140/70-17 rear

colors and availability

  • The 2023 R125 will be available in Europe from April 2023. It is available in Icon Blue and Tech Black colors.

Yamaha bLU cRU program and cups

The new R125: Yamaha's super sports lightweight on a new level!

Yamaha attaches great importance to the promotion of young people and would like to promote and develop the talents of tomorrow. That is why there are different levels of the Yamaha bLU cRU program, both nationally and internationally. In Germany, for example, there is the Yamaha R3 bLU cRU Cup, which runs as part of the IDM and is intended to prepare young drivers for the other classes. Yamaha offers the R7 Cup for hobby racers and track day drivers of all ages. This enables affordable racing with absolute equality of opportunity. The R7 Cup is entering its second season in 2023 - and this time, too, the best riders in each country will be invited to the European SuuperFinale, which will be held as part of the FIM World Superbike World Championship.

Genuine Yamaha accessories, configurable with the MyGarage app

Yamaha has developed a wide range of Genuine Accessories to allow R-Series owners to personalize their supersport motorcycle. The long list of custom-built components includes performance-oriented GYTR accessories, including a full Akrapovic exhaust system, an aerodynamic sport screen and a quick shift system - as well as various parts for the paddock and workshop. There is also an extensive range of cosmetic upgrades including LED turn signals, seat cowls, chain guards, license plate brackets, lightweight billet levers and more.

The new R125: Yamaha's super sports lightweight on a new level!

Yamaha MyGarage App, customers can quickly and easily configure a virtual version of their motorcycle with all GYTR and Yamaha original accessories on their smartphone or laptop. With the free app, accessories can be added or removed according to taste until the perfect configuration of the Supersport model is determined. The finished result can be viewed in 3D from all angles. The individually configured dream machine can be sent directly to the Yamaha partner of choice so that they can prepare the motorcycle accordingly.


  • The Paddock Blue Collection is Yamaha's official clothing line for the R-Series. It includes everything from t-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts and jumpers to softshells and other jackets, and also includes CE-approved riding wear. The Paddock Blue clothing collection is complemented by a selection of Paddock Blue luggage and merchandise such as racing bags, carry-on cases and backpacks, as well as headwear, lifestyle items and gifts - a must have for any R owner and fan.

The new R125: Yamaha's super sports lightweight on a new level!

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The new R125: Yamaha's super sports lightweight on a new level!

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The new R125: Yamaha's super sports lightweight on a new level!

The new R125: Yamaha's super sports lightweight at a new level
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