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2023 Yamaha NIKEN GT with connectivity and navigation!

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With its two front wheels with tilting technology, the NIKEN GT offers maximum driving comfort in connection with an improved feeling of stability, unsurpassed control in curves and high all-weather suitability. It is aimed at open-minded drivers who enjoy high-tech and innovations. Thanks to its improved equipment and high-quality finish, the 2023 NIKEN GT is one of the most sophisticated Yamaha Sport Tourers and offers a range of advanced new engine, chassis and electronic control technologies. With its more powerful CP3 engine with a displacement of 890 cm³ and a TFT display with Garmin navigation system*, optimized suspension, improved ergonomics and modern electronics, this unique motorcycle offers ultimate corner carving performance with remarkable long-distance suitability. Whether alone or as a couple - this sport tourer has the potential to open up an alternative view of the world and provide a new kind of driving pleasure.

2023 Yamaha NIKEN GT

The 2023 NIKEN GT has received a substantial upgrade in terms of performance and ride quality with the newly developed 890cc engine. It has almost 5% more power and is the new generation of the CP3 engine, which is also used in the TRACER 9 GT and MT-09.

7 inch TFT display with multiple display options

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A new, bright 7 inch TFT display underscores the premium character of the NIKEN GT. This full color display offers a choice of three different screen displays, each tailored to different driving scenarios and personal preferences. The 'STREET' option offers a more factual and informative layout, the 'SPORT' option offers a more dynamic look and 'TOUR' provides easy-to-read information on all operating data.

Smartphone connectivity

For an even more comprehensive driving experience, the NIKEN GT is equipped with a Communication Control Unit. The rider can use it to pair the smartphone with the motorcycle using the free Yamaha MyRide app. As soon as the connection has been established via USB, WLAN or Bluetooth®, the driver can display information on incoming calls, e-mails or messages in the TFT cockpit. And when using a headset** connected via Bluetooth®, the driver and passenger can also listen to music or make calls on the NIKEN GT. The various menus and functions are selected using the joystick and the home button on the left of the handlebar. When stationary, the TFT display can be used to show a wide variety of information, from the weather report to detailed notifications.

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Garmin navigation system

After connecting a smartphone to the MyRide app and downloading the Garmin Motorize app*, a navigation window can be shown on the network-capable TFT display. When stationary, the Garmin Motorize app is operated via a joystick and the home button on the left of the handlebars. However, the app is blocked while driving. With Garmin's Motorize app, the driver can choose from a variety of different route options such as fastest, shortest, freeway and many more and listen to the driving instructions via a Bluetooth® paired headset**. Navigation features include real-time traffic data, estimated time of arrival and alternative routes to avoid traffic jams. Real-time updates show local weather information as well as the weather conditions at the selected destination.

Adjustable screen

  • For more long-distance comfort and improved wind protection, the NIKEN GT has a new windscreen that allows manual height adjustment by 70mm via a lever next to the new TFT display. The new windscreen's aerodynamics ensure even airflow in and around the cockpit and equalize air pressure, resulting in a more comfortable driving experience.

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Newly designed comfort seat

  • All new features of the NIKEN GT are aimed at improved ride quality and
    an optimized performance. The new seat makes it easier to put your feet on the ground when stationary. Its shape and the thickness of the padding at the contact points with the rider's inner thighs have been revised for this purpose.

New handlebar switches, double socket, heated grips

  • The new handlebar switches also include a five-way joystick for operating the various TFT functions, including smartphone displays and the Garmin navigation system. There is also a USB-A socket in the cockpit and a 12 V socket under the seat. The heated grips are standard on the NIKEN GT.

Large hard side cases

  • As a long-distance motorcycle, the NIKEN GT has hard side cases with a capacity of 30 liters per side. Redesigned luggage stays provide secure attachment and there is an improved passenger grab handle.

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High quality black finish with bronze colored components

The fairing, engine and front end of the NIKEN GT are all black. This matches the premium look and underscores the flagship status of this unique sports tourer. The perfect fit and quality finish is second to none and bronze wheels and bodywork enhance the look of this exceptional, quality motorcycle and accentuate its features.

Optimized electronic control technology

The NIKEN GT is equipped with a number of new electronic functions for maximum control. Yamaha's Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) and Ride-by-Wire (APSG) throttle replaces the previous model's traditional cable throttle system, providing a smooth and natural throttle feel. The launch acceleration assist system has also been redesigned for more natural engagement. For this purpose, a coordinated engine speed level is automatically maintained when the clutch is actuated. The D-mode settings have been adjusted and harmonize efficiently with the new, high-torque 890 cc engine.

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The driver can choose between the settings 'SPORT' (direct throttle response), 'STREET' (gentle throttle response) and 'RAIN' (tame throttle response). In 'RAIN' mode, maximum power is reduced by 18% and offers an easily manageable engine character for a high level of control. The traction control parameters of the NIKEN GT have also been tuned to match the increased power of the new engine. The system offers three intervention modes. Here '1' corresponds to the minimum and '2' to the maximum and there is also the option 'OFF'. The intervention strength of the traction control is also automatically adjusted to the selected D-Mode. The long-distance equipment of the NIKEN GT also includes a cruise control system.

Quick Shift System for shifting up and down, anti-hopping clutch

For effective acceleration, the new edition of the NIKEN GT also has an improved Quick Shift System, which - unlike the previous model - now allows both upshifts and downshifts without using the clutch. Together with the new anti-hopping clutch (A&S), the Quick Shift System ensures the NIKEN GT has a high level of stability when shifting gears, accelerating and braking.

Refined main frame design

The main frame of the NIKEN GT is a custom construction with a cast steel tilting steering (LMW) head tube assembly, a tubular steel main frame and a cast aluminum subframe. On the 2023 model, key areas of the main frame have been redesigned to accommodate the needs of the new engine, which is tilted five degrees further forward for improved handling characteristics.

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Revised rear suspension

In addition to the redesigned frame and to ensure ideal interaction with the LMW front end, the rear suspension elements of the NIKEN GT have also been revised. The shock absorber's all-new rocker arm is made of forged aluminum and saves 236 grams in unsprung weight compared to the previous steel component. The new, lightweight swingarm has a modified lever linkage, which, together with the new tuning of the shock absorber and a smaller spring diameter, ensures a smooth solo ride and a firmer and more effective work of the rear wheel suspension when riding in pairs.

Specially developed front tires

The two 15-inch tires on the tilting front wheels were specially developed for the very special needs of this motorcycle with tilting technology steering (LMW). With an optimized stiffness balance and a special compound, the 120/17R15 front tire and 190/55R17 rear tire offer excellent handling characteristics and improved stability and control.

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New intake and exhaust design

Every detail of this ultimate long-distance sport tourer has been analyzed and evaluated. For even more relaxed and enjoyable travel, the air intake and the air filter box have been redesigned to reduce noise. In addition, there is a redesigned exhaust system that offers more ground clearance.

Technical highlights

  • Two wheels with tilting technology ensure maximum running stability
  • LMW Ackermann steering - high agility with controlled cornering carving
  • More powerful 890cc CP3 engine
  • 7 inch TFT full color display with multiple display options
  • Smartphone connectivity
  • Garmin full-screen navigation system
  • New ECU and optimized electronic control technology
  • Ride-By-Wire Throttle Grip
  • Redesigned handlebar switches
  • Heated grips
  • Quick Shift System for shifting up and down
  • Anti-hopping clutch (A&S)
  • Adjustable screen
  • Comfort driver's seat
  • Redesigned main frame
  • Revision of the linkage and tuning of the rear suspension
  • Quieter intake tract
  • Revised exhaust system
  • New radiator
  • Hard panniers with new brackets

color and availability

The NIKEN GT is available in Yamaha Black with bronze-colored wheels and components and is expected to be available from Yamaha partners from February 2023.

Original accessories

The Yamaha Genuine Accessories range includes quality parts that allow NIKEN GT owners to tailor their bike to their lifestyle and individual priorities. It is highly comprehensive, ranging from top cases and billet bar ends to the high-performance Akrapovič exhaust system and Öhlins struts. This makes it easy to design your very own motorcycle. Yamaha also offers CE-approved rider wear and casual wear for both men and women.

*Garmin Motorize requires a subscription.
**Not included with the NIKEN GT

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The new NIKEN GT with connectivity and navigation!
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