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Yamaha introduces the R1 GYTR for 2023!

Yamaha introduces the R1 GYTR for 2023!

Motorsport has been a focus for Yamaha since the company was founded. Yamaha engineers have been developing performance accessories for over 40 years. Each part is characterized by first-class technologies. Today these components are known as Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing (GYTR®) parts. GYTR Racing components are developed in parallel with Yamaha vehicles for seamless integration. State-of-the-art materials such as carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum are used. Once development is complete, GYTR products undergo the most rigorous performance and durability tests.

Yamaha R1 GYTR 2023

From the beginning, GYTR technology has helped Yamaha Racing teams to achieve many podiums and successes. Today, thanks to an appropriate strategy, the connection between motorsport activities, development and customers has become even stronger. In this way, Yamaha Racing Technology benefits every customer who wants optimal performance from their R-Series motorcycle.

GYTR PRO SHOPS: from racing to customers

Winning world titles is not the only goal. Yamaha is customer-centric. This means that the brand is committed to providing the best service to its customers and even exceeding expectations. On this basis, Yamaha developed the GYTR PRO SHOP concept in 2021. GYTR PRO SHOPs are the contact point for all matters relating to motorsport. They are aimed equally at professional racers and track day participants. Here you can get in touch with racing experts and technicians, purchase high-quality components and have your own motorcycle perfected at the highest level.

Today there are 17 GYTR PRO SHOPS all over Europe - two of them in Germany. As GYTR experts, the Yamaha partners Motorrad Klein and Yamaha Zentrum Rebnitz are at the side of every motorsport enthusiast. With their experience and contacts to Yamaha's racing programs, they deliver tailor-made solutions for their customers' R1, R6, R7 and R3 motorcycles. away January 2023 they will also be the exclusive distribution point of a very special machine: the new R1 GYTR 2023!

The concept of the R1 GYTR 2023

The Yamaha R1 is a tried and tested racing motorcycle that has enjoyed success in national and international series around the world. The most recent peak being the 2021 World Superbike World Championship title. Their unique CP4 engine offers linear torque with excellent response and their chassis boasts unparalleled handling. The electronics package of the IMU, the ride-by-wire throttle control, the brake control and the engine brake management further enhance the controlled driving experience. Like the R6 GYTR, the new R1 GYTR 2023 is also designed for racing. The R1 GYTR was developed for customers who value performance at the highest level. It was specially prepared for use on racetracks and is therefore not approved for road traffic.

Yamaha introduces the R1 GYTR for 2023!

The R1 GYTR was designed to be faster and more precise than ever. It was developed to provide track day pilots and pro racers with an efficient package. Parts that are necessary for road traffic are omitted - instead, the R1 GYTR is equipped with high-quality racing components. It comes with over 25 carefully selected GYTR parts and an Akrapovic exhaust system. In addition, the driver benefits from improved engine performance and refined handling. The result was a perfect racing motorcycle for all performance classes. The performance has been improved over the entire speed range. The diverse setting options of the ECU make it easier to explore your personal limits. In accordance with the FIM Stock 1000 regulations, the brakes and aerodynamics of the R1 GYTR have been optimized.

R1 GYTR Technical Highlights


  • Akrapovic racing silencer & middle pipe system
  • AIS connector set
  • engine cover set


  • harness
  • PC interface cable
  • GYTR ABS emulator
  • GYTR on/off switch


  • 15/42 teeth 520 sprockets
  • GYTR R-Series 520 Racing Chain


  • BS R11 tyres
  • GYTR Racing gas cap
  • GYTR braided steel brake lines
  • Brake calipers with GYTR steel piston kit
  • Brembo Z04 brake pads
  • Rennlenker
  • steering stop
  • Rear sprocket protection (chain fin)
  • Billet brake lever protector
  • Racing footpeg set with reverse shift option
  • Rear stand shots
  • R-Series Racing rear stand


  • Racing fairing complete kit, primed white
  • racing disc
  • GYTR racing seat

The recommended retail price of the R1 GYTR 2023 is 28.294, - €. It is composed of 27.799, - € vehicle price and 495, - € Extra costs. The combination of factory modifications, GYTR parts and GYTR PRO SHOP know-how makes the R1 GYTR faster and more finely tuned than ever before. For customers, the Yamaha experience does not end with the purchase of the motorcycle. The GYTR PRO SHOPs have much more to offer: additional parts, tailor-made setups (suspensions, engine, brakes, etc.), tips for races and track days. For riders who want even more, Yamaha offers a very special new range of racing components: the GYTR PRO line.

The GYTR PRO range: closer than ever to the R1 WorldSBK!

Following the historic Triple Crown in 2021, four Yamaha Racing Teams are now competing with the Yamaha R1 in the FIM Superbike World Championship: Team Pata Yamaha with Brixx WorldSBK, with which Toprak Razgatlıoğlu took the World Championship title, and GYTR GRT Yamaha WorldSBK Team, the GIL Motorsport Yamaha WorldSBK Team and the Motoxracing Yamaha WorldSBK Team. All R1 motorcycles are equipped with GYTR parts to increase performance, as well as components specially developed by Yamaha Racing engineers for these top-level racing bikes.

Today Yamaha offers these components in limited numbers for all Yamaha racers in the GYTR PRO SHOPs. Customers are thus able to build an R1 with the exact same parts as the R1 WorldSBK by taking advantage of the new Yamaha GYTR PRO Line offerings. Yamaha showed a first taste of this program of special parts with the R1 GYTR PRO VR46, which was made available to Valentino Rossi in 2021. The total scope of the GYTR PRO range includes 400 parts, which will be available in the GYTR PRO SHOPs from April 2023. Here are some of the key components of the GYTR PRO range:

  • GYTR PRO swingarm
  • GYTR PRO fuel tank with large capacity and low center of gravity
  • GYTR PRO carbon rear frame
  • GYTR PRO triple clamp
  • GYTR PRO carbon fairing kit
  • GYTR PRO disc
  • GYTR PRO cockpit
  • GYTR PRO cockpit carrier
  • GYTR PRO handlebar
  • GYTR PRO handlebar switch
  • GYTR PRO Marelli electronics (custom)
  • GYTR PRO air ducts for brake calipers
  • GYTR PRO brake lines
  • GYTR PRO Brembo wheel adapter (front & rear) for the Öhlins FGR400 telescopic fork and the Schwing
  • GYTR PRO clutch
  • GYTR PRO steering damper with bracket and clamp
  • GYTR PRO MB cooler
  • GYTR PRO Akrapovic system
  • GYTR PRO handbrake lever protection

With such an exciting range of parts, Yamaha couldn't resist demonstrating the know-how of the Yamaha GYTR PRO SHOPs and building some R1 GYTR PRO bikes modeled after the R1 WorldSBK machine. Customers can also have this bike built for themselves in their GYTR PRO SHOP.

Yamaha introduces the R1 GYTR for 2023!

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Yamaha introduces the R1 GYTR for 2023!

Yamaha introduces the R1 GYTR for 2023
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