"The Doctor Bike" - Yamaha R1 GYTR VR46 Tribute

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Yamaha R1 GYTR VR46 Tribute 17 "The Doctor Bike" Yamaha R1 GYTR VR46 Tribute

To celebrate Valentino Rossi's MotoGP career, Yamaha recently gave him the R1 GYTR VR46 Tribute presented. It has unique specifications to thank the nine-time world champion for years of success at the forefront of motorcycle racing with Yamaha. To commemorate the successes, the nine world championship titles in MotoGP, 250ccm and 125ccm, the 115 wins and 235 podiums in 425 races, Yamaha built the unique R1. It has a special paint in yellow and blue tones by Aldo Drudi. He was Rossi's helmet designer for a long time. The R1 GYTR VR46 carries the upcoming 2022 GYTR components and has special details with it.

Yamaha R1 GYTR VR46 Tribute

The bike wears a Carbon fairing kit and there comes a Full carbon subframe rear. The R1 also has a tank that has been enlarged to 22 liters. A Brembo brake system is also installed in combination with a high-performance control unit (REX 140 Marelli). The complete list of specific parts on the R1 is shown below. The R1 GYTR VR46 Tribute was presented to Valentino Rossi at the EICMA 2021 motorcycle fair as part of the “One More Lap” event. And there was even one for Rossi PW50 for the little daughter he and his Francesca are expecting in early 2022. The R1 GYTR VR46 Tribute was built with selected parts:

From the GYTR catalog 2022:

  • GYTR electronic throttle
  • GYTR slipper clutch
  • GYTR head gasket
  • GYTR cooler kit
  • GYTR Air Funnel Set
  • GYTR handlebar set
  • GYTR handlebar switch
  • GYTR front brake protection
  • GYTR adjustable footrest system
  • GYTR Akrapovic Factory Line System
  • GYTR Marchesini wheelset

Yamaha R1 GYTR VR46 Tribute 32 "The Doctor Bike" Yamaha R1 GYTR VR46 Tribute

Special parts from WorldSBK development:

  • 22 liter fuel tank
  • Full carbon rear frame
  • Underslung Swingarm Assy - swing arm
  • adjustable triple clamp kit (offset adjustable 22,5 mm x 27 mm)
  • Special carbon front mask
  • special engine tuning (ECU REX 140 Marelli)
  • Harness for Marelli REX140 ECU
  • Sensor kit
  • WorldSBK-spec air filter
  • Öhlins side steering damper
  • Öhlins Factory front fork
  • Öhlins Factory pneumatically adjustable damper
  • Brembo master cylinder in front
  • Brembo brake disc set
  • Brembo rear brake caliper set
  • Brembo front brake caliper set
  • Chrome list-fitting with GPS

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Yamaha R1 GYTR VR46 Tribute model year 2022
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