Yamaha snowmobiles 2024: performance meets passion

2024 YAM SXR200 E EU DPBSE DET 001 03 Preview

Embodied for more than 50 years Yamaha Motor Europe's unique passion for bringing fun and value to snowy regions. Yamaha makes hearts beat faster - on and off the asphalt, on water, on land and in the snow. Innovation and technical excellence are in the foreground and offer an incomparable experience. Yamaha stands for outstanding performance and precise handling like no other brand. It's not without reason that our snowmobiles regularly receive top ratings from leading testers - the 2024 model range is no exception.

Yamaha snowmobiles 2024

No matter what your personal ambitions are: You are guaranteed to find your perfect companion in the Yamaha range. Thanks to the customer-oriented segmentation, all drivers can effortlessly find the most suitable model for their needs. Customers have the choice between the outstanding reliability of the utility segment and the variability of the crossover series, which is aimed at sporty adventurers. For those who want to discover even more, the Trail series promises pure joy in the great outdoors. Not forgetting the mountain segment, of course, which offers the ultimate kick in steep and deep conditions. And for younger drivers, the ScoScoot ES is also a vehicle that will inspire future generations to have fun driving in the snow!

The new Sidewinder SRX LE EPS

The 2024 Sidewinder SRX is available in a limited-edition heritage colorway as a tribute to the iconic 1980 SRX. Striking Nebura Gold contrasts with matte black, while sporty red graphics hint at the design of the iconic 1980s machine. At that time, it fascinated a whole generation of trail riders and took them out into nature.

2024 YAM SIDEWINDER S RX EU YB DET 001 03 Preview

Fans of high speeds will love its speed and rapid acceleration, providing the ultimate adrenaline rush in the snow. Its flat, slim frame sits on a special, electronically controlled iQS system that allows you to adjust the handling while riding. The new electronic power steering (EPS) ensures more precise handling and less steering effort. The combination of iQS and EPS enables dynamic handling that is unprecedented in the high-performance category. The SRX is the ideal model for drivers who want maximum speed in the race towards the horizon.

The 2024 offer: Where performance meets passion

Whether you're looking for comfort and control while riding, or you're looking for a first-class performance machine that makes adrenaline junkies happy, there's a machine for every taste in this product range. From the robust, hard-wearing utility model to the snowmobile for the little ones - Yamaha Motor Europe offers powerful and feature-rich variants for every need.


  • Sidewinder X-TX SE



  • Mountain Max 800 154 ES

2024 YAM SXMP800 EU YB DET 003 03 Preview


  • Sidewinder SRX LE EPS
  • Sidewinder S-TX GT EPS
  • Sidewinder L-TX LE EPS


  • Transport 800


  • ScoScoot ES

With the 2024 models, Yamaha confirms its strong position in the snowmobile market. The customer-focused portfolio reinforces the brand's position as the ultimate partner on snow. You can find more information about the unique Yamaha snowmobiles on our Website . Contact your Yamaha dealer for details on availability in your region.


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Yamaha snowmobiles 2024: performance meets passion
Photo credit: Yamaha
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