Thursday 21rd September 2023

New Yamaha XSR700 Legacy and XSR125 (2023)!

2023 YAM XS125 EU FAMILY STA 001 03 Preview

With the latest engine and chassis technology combined with timeless aesthetics, the XSR700 Legacy embodies the core idea of ​​the Yamaha Sport Heritage concept. Their classic scrambler bike-inspired styling also includes black fork boots and center braced handlebars with off-road hand grips. The traditional seat and the round headlight with integrated protective grille create a timelessly harmonious overall picture. The gold-colored 10-spoke cast wheels with deep-tread block profile tires for road and off-road underline the robust style of the motorcycle.

Yamaha XSR700 Legacy 2023

Its high-torque 689cc crossplane engine is one of the most popular and characterful engines Yamaha has ever built and the source of pure, honest riding pleasure. The XSR700 Legacy is offered in an exclusive new colourway. It reflects the rich Yamaha tradition and underlines the timelessly classic scrambler look.

Technical highlights

  • High-torque crossplane engine with a displacement of 689 cm³
  • Light and slim central tube frame
  • Classic scrambler design
  • Handlebars with center brace, grips and large footpegs Scrambler style
  • High-tech LED headlights and LED rear lights in XSR family typical round block profile tires Pirelli MT 60 RS for road and
  • terrain
  • New, exclusive color and speedblock graphics with a retro design

color and availability

  • The XSR700 Legacy comes in Speedblock Silver. It is expected to be available from German Yamaha partners from February 2023.

Yamaha XSR125 model year 2023

2023 YAM XS125SV EU SMX DET 009 03 Preview

With the unique combination of an attractive retro look and the latest technology, the XSR125 also gives beginners the opportunity to become part of Yamaha's Faster Sons scene. The chassis with the 37 mm upside-down telescopic fork and the light 17 inch wheels comes from the R125. In keeping with the Sport Heritage philosophy, there is an LED headlight and rear light – both in a classic round shape. The engine was also taken over from the R125. It has an output of 11 kW (15 hp) and thus makes full use of the power limit permissible for this class.

colors and availability

  • The XSR125 will be offered in three new colors for 2023: Heritage White, Yamaha Blue and Impact Yellow. It is expected to be available from Yamaha partners from April 2023.

MyRide app

Once the XSR rider has downloaded the free Yamaha MyRide app onto their smartphone, extensive information is available that adds a new dimension to every ride. Drivers can view routes they have already driven and call up figures on the distance covered or on acceleration, top speed and altitude meters.

Original accessories

The Yamaha Genuine Accessories range includes quality parts that allow XSR owners to tailor their motorcycle to their lifestyle and individual priorities. It is highly comprehensive, ranging from soft side bags and mounts to the Akrapovič performance exhaust system and suspension elements for the highest demands. With this selection, it's easy to create your very own motorcycle. Yamaha also offer a range of CE approved rider clothing as well as casual wear for both men and women.

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Yamaha XSR700 Legacy model year 2023
Photo credit: Yamaha
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