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Our category of self-made conversions / user pictures shows you cars that have been extensively tuned and modified by private individuals. All brands and types of self-made cars can be seen here. Ranging from shiny Show & Shine specimens, ratlook vehicles to absolute performance cars are available here. But so-called everytimers, oldtimers and youngtimers are also shown here, if they are tuned. The typical changes to such self-made cars are caused by the installation different Tuning Parts. So it can be the Japanese tuner Liberty Walk the fender flares are installed, at the same time carries the vehicle but a rear spoiler of Brabus and possibly a front spoiler from Startech, Of course, also missing new alloy wheels, extensive foliations and partially completely changed interiors in these cars often not. Especially extensive is the Diversity of brands in this category. Whether Audi, VW, BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Skoda, Seat, Volvo & Co., there is a particularly extensive range of tuned vehicles here. It often shows that the quality of these conversions does not have to be worse than if a vehicle comes completely from the hand of just one tuner. But it is usually even more individual. And that is exactly what sets tuning apart. We even claim that these conversions significantly outperform the commercial tuner vehicles. The creativity and extravagance is just more pronounced.

Mercedes E 320L 4matic (V213) with Airride chassis!

Mercedes E 320L 4matic V213 with Airride chassis header 310x165 Mercedes E 320L 4matic (V213) with Airride chassis!

Photo credit: A Mercedes E-Class is less of a popular tuning object in this country than an extremely popular taxi. It looks completely different in the Middle Kingdom, because many E-Classes are being modified in China to make the boulevards of the metropolises of millions ...

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Mercedes E-Class as a motorway floor - Brabus E800

BRABUS 800 Basis Mercedes E 63 S 4MATIC 28 310x165 Mercedes E Class as motorway floor Brabus E800

official press release: Page 2 The Shanghai Auto Show is not only there to ensure that all automobile manufacturers in the world present their innovations there, but also serves as a stage for well-known tuning companies as a stage for their latest creations. This is how the Bottrop-based Mercedes tuner Brabus, who ...

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