The eye slows down: Foliatec brake caliper for more style

VW Phaeton 20 Inch ICW HR Track Plate Tuning 145 The eye brakes with: Foliatec brake caliper for more style


Almost 440 inquiries last month on the subject of "painting brake calipers" prompted us to now provide you with a small tutorial. The test object was again our VW Phaeton, whose brake calipers have become extremely unsightly over the past eight years. We decided on the € 29,95 brake caliper paint set from Foliatec, which is available in almost every color. The color red is certainly one of the most popular colors here, but considering the vehicle class, we opted for a glossy white based on the campanella white paintwork of the Phaeton. The color red stands for sportiness; the Phaeton is pretty much exactly the opposite - it doesn't even have a sports brake system.

yet another contribution from us

Foliatec Brake Caliper Review Tutorial Experience 2 The Eye Brakes with: Foliatec Brake Caliper for more style
Foliatec Brake Caliper Review Test Tutorial Experience 17 e1531737557223 The Eye Brakes with: Foliatec Brake Pads for more style
that's not nice

Even a W12 would not change that and a small V6 like ours would not. But a visually unsightly brake system does not have to be and has to look for either a small Ford Fiesta, or on a vehicle of the upper class such as the Phaeton something. Now there is the possibility to completely remove the brake system and paint the saddles professionally; However, since costs in the mid three-digit range can arise here, this was not an alternative for us to slightly improved optics. Reason enough to order the special color and create a hand with a little skill.

Brembo brake system with paint factory

Audi A6 C7 Brembo Brake AG Wheels Tuning 15 The eye brakes with: Foliatec brake caliper for more style
DANGER! That's NOT the goal - you don't pay the price for it!

One should certainly remember that a difference to a professional painted brake system will be recognizable. Here, however, it is up to each individual to weigh how costs and benefits are related to each other. If you want to be sure that the brake system is almost without wear and tear even after many thousands of kilometers, then you can not avoid professional painting with an epoxy primer and the application of polyurethane varnish and subsequent acrylic clearcoat. But you can also leave the church in the village!

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