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Review - the Carly OBD app for VAG vehicles

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Carly VW BMW Mercedes Co. OBD Adapter 0 49 screenshot e1562649899421 Review the Carly OBD App for VAG vehicles


What does the warning light in the cockpit of our Audi A3 mean? Is the error message bad or maybe only sporadically? After this theoretical part the Carly app comes with the practical one. The Carly OBD adapter saves expensive visits to the workshop and is conveniently controlled via smartphone app. Nowadays, workshops alone calculate proud prices for reading out the error. On Funfer for the coffee till is far from enough to have the fault determined via the onboard diagnostic interface (OBD2) of modern cars. It doesn't have to be. The company Carly from Munich has an OBD2 adapter in its range for this, with which you can read out the maintenance requirements of the vehicle yourself.

in the Audi A3 8P in the driver's footwell

Carly VW BMW Mercedes Co. OBD Adapter Test 2 review the Carly OBD App for VAG vehicles

The installation of the adapter is simple: The OBD2 connector is almost always located somewhere in the footwell of the car or in the center console. If you plug in the adapter, it is immediately active. Now only the right Carly app (we need the VAG app from Carly - other Carly apps for BMW, Toyota, Mercedes, Porsche & Co. are available for download) on the smartphone and establish the connection via Bluetooth. As soon as the connection is established, you immediately access countless vehicle data and get an overview of which control module spits out which error. In our case, we were just looking to reset the fault memory to see if the problem in our A3 was permanent or if it was caused by a weak battery. If the car has to go to the workshop, we like the fact that errors or new defects that occur during the repair can be detected using the Carly protocol. So you can prove that the workshop made the mistake.

As already mentioned in the theoretical part, there are many settings that require a workshop visit or an expert tool without the Carly adapter. Should the daytime running lights be activated? Is the triple flashing too little and should the indicator flash four times when the lever is tapped? Do you drive a convertible and want to open the roof with a key? Carly offers all of these options. And thanks to the backup of the old version, there is no danger that the original version can no longer be restored.

Car Health OBD Tuning Diagnostics Test Report Review the Carly OBD App for VAG Vehicles

popular is the coding for acoustic acknowledgment


summarized the most important functions:

  • Used Car Check
    - Control units are read out and compared in order to identify a manipulated speedometer
  • depth diagnosis
    - Control units are analyzed, error codes are read out
    - Manufacturer quality analysis
  • Encode
    - Customize your car
    - Unlock hidden functions such as digital speedometer, automatic start-stop, US daytime running lights, etc.
  • Service reset
    - Reset service intervals
  • Live parameters
    - Monitor motor parameters (temperatures, pressures, etc.)
  • NOx desulfurization
    - Regenerate / check NOx at the push of a button
  • exhaust flap
    - Engine sound can be changed (manual control of the exhaust flap)
  • Transmission reset
    - Reset automatic transmission (e.g. to relearn the car)
  • Battery registration
    - register the battery yourself (save costs for the workshop)
  • Diesel particulate filter regeneration
    - Regenerate particle filters at the push of a button
  • Electric parking brake
    - Control electromechanical parking brake at the push of a button

Carly VW BMW Mercedes Co. OBD Adapter Test 3 review the Carly OBD App for VAG vehicles

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