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Test: Dr. Wack - A1 HIGH END Spray Wax Premium auto wax

Test: Dr. Wack - A1 HIGH END Spray Wax Premium auto wax

After Sonax Ceramic Spray sealant we wanted the counterpart of Dr. Wack try out. And that Dr. Wack - A1 HIGH END Spray Wax as premium car wax. It scores with an innovative hydrophobicity formula. The Spray sealer According to the manufacturer, gives the vehicle paint a brilliant high gloss and beyond long-lasting Protection against weather and environmental influences! Dr. Wack even guarantees a long-term one Lacquer sealing with a incredible water-repellent effect. In addition, it should leave a particularly "great feeling of smoothness" with a soft, supple surface. It should work on metallic, colored, nano and scratch-resistant paints and also on glossy foils. This is the paint seal for all types of paint suitable. And we tried it!

Dr. Wack - A1 HIGH END Spray Wax

We particularly liked the quick application: Because the paintwork care can be pretty easily and effortlessly process on the entire car in just a few minutes. We especially like that there are hardly any streaks to be seen. A few could only be seen on completely black parts such as the foiled roof or the windows. However, this could be quickly polished off with another cloth.

Test: Dr. Wack - A1 HIGH END Spray Wax Premium auto wax

And we also did NOT have the recommended microfiber cloth A1 THE CLOTH - premium microfiber used. Maybe that would have made it even better. But even so, we received a reflective one with the vehicle maintenance gloss. However, we could not determine any refreshment of the colors. However, the car was also white and we also had technology for measuring not. And because of the white paint, you couldn't see whether the wax was leaving any white residue. But that was at least on the few plastic parts on the vehicle not the case.

  • the challenge
    Environmental influences place extreme demands on the paint, and it has to be protected from them. That is the job!
  • the application
    Shake the bottle well, then spray the wax thinly on the clean varnish and spread it with a cloth. Then remove immediately with a second cloth. Do not put water on the paint for about 1 hour.
  • the result
    According to the manufacturer, there should be paint protection that lasts for months with a great feeling of smoothness. In addition, the provider promises a reflective shine.

And that came out in the end!

Test: Dr. Wack - A1 HIGH END Spray Wax Premium auto wax

We think it lasts advertised properties, this is what it is easy to dose. A few test washes have been carried out since the test and you can still see the protective effect. Due to the white paint, the "increased gloss" and the "Refreshing the paint color“But unfortunately not visible to the naked eye. But that doesn't have to mean that it's not like that. And even if the manufacturer does not advertise an application on plastics, it leaves behind no damage whatsoever. That is by no means a matter of course. The product has only been on the market for a few weeks, but it can certainly establish itself quickly. And the 500 ml bottle only costs currently 16,99 euros. Und the good scent is included!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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Test: Dr. Wack - A1 HIGH END Spray Wax Premium auto wax

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Test: Dr. Wack - A1 HIGH END Spray Wax Premium auto wax

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Test: Dr. Wack - A1 HIGH END Spray Wax Premium auto wax

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