In the test: portable Jackery solar generator 1000!

Jackery solar generator 1000 SolarSaga 100W solar panels test 5


Basically it's the good old one emergency generator similar, as well as the combustion vehicles. If they are powered by a combustion engine, they are powered by power stations such as the Jackery solar generator obsolete. They serve the same purpose, but are much more inconspicuous, simpler and, above all, more environmentally friendly. Would you like to use in a garage without electricity Spray gun and small compressor maybe touch up a spot on the car? Or should the car have one paint treatment obtained with a polishing machine? Maybe you just want the vehicle in winter start Help can give. You always need electricity for the necessary devices. And that's what a power station delivers.

Jackery solar generator 1000

And also specifically in Camping and outdoor area Power stations are popular due to their compactness and easy storage, among other things. They also do not require petrol to operate and are characterized by their silent operation. Furthermore, the devices can be used to charge electronic devices such as mobile phones or cameras, and a television, various lamps and radios can also be operated in the home. So power stations are Multifunction Devicesthat can be used in many ways. But is a power station also suitable as a power supplier during a blackout or a longer power outage?

we also tested the Jackery Explorer 240 & Explorer 500

In such cases, it is particularly important to use devices such as the Refrigerator, keep it running and prevent food spoilage. In addition, there should also be the possibility of being able to prepare warm food or to heat water. Especially in such situations Jackie Explorer 1000 familiar with the two solar panels Jackery Solar Saga 100 a true everyday hero. Using the storage capacity of 1002 Wh can at the two built 230 volt sockets stream with 1000 Watt to be delivered. This means that the function of the refrigerator is not restricted and it is ensured that cooking can be carried out during a power failure and that there is sufficient light available. Furthermore, the devices mentioned above can be operated in the garage.

How is the Jackery solar generator operated?

Basically, the installation and commissioning of the device is uncomplicated and self-explanatory. When power is required, there are two buttons that can be pressed: The "DC“ is suitable for 12V and the USB connections. The button "AC“ is suitable for the two 220 V sockets. Then the required device (Compressor, headlight, portable stovetop etc.) must be connected to the respective connection.

Jackery solar generator 1000 operating instructions

Ways to charge the power station

  • Charging the Jackery Powerstation with the socket. For this purpose, the cable, which is included in the delivery, is connected to a normal 230 V socket connected. It takes about 7-8 hours for the device to be fully charged.
  • Charging the Jackery Powerstation in the car or with a 12V connection. In order to charge the Jackery Powerstation in the car or with a 12V connection, the cable for the car socket included in the delivery is required. Then, according to Jackery, around 14 hours are needed to fully charge the device.
  • Charging the Jackery Powerstation with the SolarSage solar panels (individually or together using an adapter piece) by Jackery. The device can be charged via theJackery SolarSaga solar modules with an output of 100 watts each.

Technical data for the Jackery Powerstation!

The Jackery Powerstation has two 230 V sockets, each with a continuous output of 1000 W. The sockets therefore have a combined output of 2000 W. The continuous output should be significant exceeded the power station shuts down. The shutdown happens automatically. Furthermore, a Starting current up to 1500 watts possible for a maximum of 10 seconds. This safety mechanism of the Jackery Powerstation is intended to prevent damage to the Powerstation.

How are the Jackery SolarSaga 100 solar panels used?

Jackery solar generator 1000 SolarSaga 100W solar panels test 8

In order to put the device into operation, the modules must be connected to the power station. This is done by connecting a single solar panel directly to the device. Is to on the back side a suitable cable is firmly connected to the solar module. If two solar modules are to be used, a special one must be used Y adapter be used, which creates a connection between the solar modules and the power station. This adapter was included with us. However, can no more than two solar panels to the Jackery Explorer 1000 power station be connected. Using the two SolarSage 100 modules, the power station can be charged in approximately 8 hours. Of course that depends on the Weather conditions. The specification should therefore be understood as the best value. In addition, the solar modules have a USB-A (5V,2,4A) and a USB-C (5V,3A) connection. This allows electronic devices directly on the solar module Loading.

Jackery solar generator 1000 SolarSaga 100W solar panels test 11

What can the Jackery solar generator 1000 be used for and what not?

The device is ideal for connecting devices such as smartphones, computers, various speakers, low-power medical devices, pad coffee machines (if not more than 1kW are required in continuous operation), refrigerators, freezers, fridge and freezer combinations, induction cooktops, microwaves up to approx. 600 watts, televisions and radios. And many devices from the automotive industry can also be operated easily. As mentioned at the beginning, this would be a compressor, a polishing machine, an electric impact wrench, etc.

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Summary of theJackery solar generator 1000: The Jackery Solar Generator is perfect for powering a small family for two to three days during a blackout. In this case, of course, the electricity should only be used when needed and not wasted. We see the absolute strengths of the device particularly in the garage, on the houseboat or when camping. Especially because of the solar panels, which still deliver enough juice to charge the station throughout the day even when the sky is cloudy.

Important key data about the device:

  • Jackery solar generator 1000 (1002WH)
  • suitable for car trips, mobile home trips, overland trips, wild camping
  • portable power station with two SolarSaga 100W solar panels (can convert the sun's energy into electricity)
  • 2 x 230V (1000W AC socket)
  • MPPT technology for maximum charging efficiency
  • the two SolarSaga 100 fully charge the Explorer 1000 power station in about 8 hours at best
  • Charging is realized by the sun, the power pack or the car (12 V).
  • Using the plug & play function, all important devices can be charged on the go (including pass-through charging)
  • 1000W continuous output (2000W Max), 2 PURE SINE WAVE AC ports, 1 x QC 3.0, 2*USB-C / 1 x USB-A port
  • Suitable for devices with less than 1000W power (cool box, beamer, e-bike, rice cooker, coffee machine).
  • Product dimensions ‎33,3 x 23,3 x 28,3 cm
  • with built-in flashlight (can be used as an automatic SOS signal)
  • Battery Management System (overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overcharge protection, overvoltage protection, thermal protection)
  • Class IP65 protects against splashing water (do not put solar panels in the rain)
  • Capacity 1002Wh (46,4Ah, 21,6V) Li-ion battery AC output 2 x 230V 1000W (2000W peak) USB output 2 x USB-C with PD 1 x USB -A, 1 x Quick Charge 3.0, Input 8MM DC 12V~30V (Max 100W), Car Socket DC 12V 10A, Operating Temperature -10-40°C (14-104°F), Recharge Temperature 0-40°C (32-104°F)

that's how often you charge/use various devices with the Jackery solar generator

mobile30 minutes
Drone30 minutes
Laptop30 minutes
Lamp76 Std.
Mini fridge17 Std.
TV13 Std.
Beamer7,6 Std.
Mixer13 Std.
coffee machine50 Min
Electric grill45 Min
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SolarSaga 100W solar panels +Jackery solar generator 1000

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