More sun at night: the Pantera W223 auxiliary light!

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Vehicle lighting has played an important role since the early days of the automobile. In the course of history, different concepts have been developed and technical progress has also led to many completely new developments of headlights. The Pantera W223 is an additional light, which all these advances united in itself.

Pantera W223 auxiliary light

• Made in EU • Approved high beam • Approved position light as LED strips • Dark cover lens

This is a powerful LED light bar (lightbar) with the latest reflector technology, which complements the existing series headlights on the vehicle. In principle, the light is suitable for all vehicles, the main area of ​​application is likely to be pickups, SUVs aber auch ATV's be. While many other manufacturers often only rely on an additional daytime running light option, the Pantera W223 goes even further. The additional light developed and produced in Europe will, there is namely in two different variants zu kaufen.

This underlines the need to meet European customers. The first version is the so-called "onroad version", Which a street legal owns. This offers in addition to daytime running lights, either in color yellow or blue can be adjusted, also one more Main beam and position light. Of course, these are designed in such a way that other road users are not dazzled. The second version is the "Off-road variant". she owns none street legal. This version from FULL LED light bar has a particularly efficient work light with it that works in the colors blue, yellow or as a white warning light (static or animated variant). The top LEDs can even be split into one Light or shadow variant be changed.

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"New in Germany, high quality Lightbar made in Europe"

The Pantera W223 additional lights are manufactured to the highest quality standards and have a ECE approval. Thanks to the E-test number, the light bar can be used without registration. And thanks to simple installation options, the W223 can be easily adapted and fitted to the vehicle. As a result, older vehicles also shine with the luminosity of current cars. An upgrade is definitely worth it!

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Spotlights, fog lights, daytime running lights

The W223 Pantera Lightbars are manufactured to the highest quality and a lot of technical know-how has gone into the development. For example, strong temperature fluctuations as well as different Weather conditions considered. And the Lightbar can even breathe. Because if the headlight were completely sealed, it would get wet from the inside and in the long run that would be deadly for the technology. This is not the case with the Pantera W223, because enough space has been left for air circulation, so that a long service life is guaranteed. But don't worry, thanks to a special membrane, the additional light is still well protected from moisture and water. The lamp body is also made of high quality Aluminum and not PVC. The front lights are also off scratch- and break-resistant plastic manufactured. In addition, even to a electromagnetic interference suppression thought. That's why he is FULL LED light bar resistant to electromagnetic interference and does not emit any itself.

About the company WAŚ:

WAŚ has been operating since 1979 and is based in Oława (Poland). WAŚ specializes in the production of lights and reflectors for the automotive industry. WAŚ is continuously expanding its range and further development never stands still. The company also uses industry-leading technologies and can therefore offer particularly high-quality solutions in the field of vehicle lighting.

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A few impressions of the luminosity of the Pantera W223!

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