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Test report: tank friend for diesel & gasoline vehicles!

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Tankfreund misfuelling protection Incorrect fueling 1 test report: Tankfreund for diesel & petrol vehicles!


Like in ours Information report on misfuelling announced, we have the "Tank friend" tried out. The tank friend effectively protects the vehicle from accidentally refueling. It always fits, is cheap and can be attached in a few seconds. It is available as a Diesel friend or as a super friend. However, it also offers foreign fuel names for all European travel countries and is particularly useful for companies with their own vehicle fleet. Because if you don't drive the vehicle every day, or if you don't own it, the risk of misfueling is particularly high. And if your when you order the code TUNING BLOG enter, then there is even 15% discount on the order. Our video about the tank friend follows:

Tank friend for diesel & gasoline vehicles

cb no thumbnail test report: tank friend for diesel & gasoline vehicles!

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Therefore the tank friend

  1. Universally suitable in all common cars due to the design and the material properties. Individual adaptation is possible.
  2. Easy to apply as it is self-adhesive. Simply stick it behind the tank flap above the tank cap and you're done.
  3. Inexpensive and at the same time high efficiency and great benefit. Technical devices and retrofits become superfluous.
  4. Also suitable for abroad, because it has been awarded all common names of the well-known travel countries.

This is how the tank friend protects the car

  • Step ⓶:: It cannot be overlooked and its presence causes a physical blockage of the tank cap / filler neck. The information is unavoidable and requires interaction, it brings the driver back from his lack of concentration.
  • Step ⓶:: Simply lift up, screw on the tank cap and refuel. By touching and moving the tank friend, attention is drawn to the refueling process.
  • Step ⓶:: If you refuel, the tank friend also offers the visual comparison with the fuel designation that is mentioned on the fuel nozzle. A mistake is noticed.

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