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Have you ever heard of OBDeleven heard? It is a Bluetooth diagnostic device for VAG vehicles that enables complete vehicle diagnostics, programming and monitoring of the car. We have OBDeleven once looked at and tried. Test object was ours Audi A3 8P which we have subjected to an error analysis. The handling is child's play, because you just have to plug the OBDeleven into the easily accessible OBD-II diagnostic socket of the A3 (in the footwell on the left) and download the free OBDeleven app for Android. (By the way, we already have tried the new model - the OBDeleven NextGen PRO!)

Vehicle diagnostics OBDeleven experience test tuning 15 E1534847786539The APP works on all commercially available mobile phones and tablets with Android 4.1 and higher and is directly connected to various online databases. However, a stable internet connection is required for use! You can choose when buying under the "normal version" or the "Pro version". The paid Pro variant is much more recommendable, because here there is additional information, live data or a very useful control unit backup.

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Our highlight is the absolutely unproblematic and easily understandable menu of the APP, which also enables the layman to establish a quick connection to the vehicle. The Bluetooth diagnostic device is perfect for anyone who wants to make changes to the vehicle themselves and is reluctant to visit an expensive workshop. We tested that and got three straight away sporadic Detect errors in the system of our A3.

The app's excellently designed surface clearly shows the area in which the vehicle has stored any error codes. The OBDeleven is almost a complete VCDS replacement and especially the display, is worlds ahead of the VCDS as we find it. Vehicle diagnostics OBDeleven experience test tuning 16 E1534848433516 In our case, there were two errors in the engine electronics and one in the electronic central electronics. The app complained about a faulty tank ventilation system and also a problem with a stiff or blocked fan. There was also an error message for the LED module of the daytime running lights, which has been sporadically displayed in the instrument cluster of the vehicle in recent weeks. However, we were never able to identify an error caused by a defective daytime running lights etc. With a simple click on the trash, all three errors were deleted and we read the vehicle again after a short test drive. The mistakes have been made not repeated and OBDeleven saved us from going to the workshop and the associated costs. The app also enables many convenience functions to be set, such as lowering the mirror in reverse, closing the rain, DRL on the fog lights, coming home & leaving home and almost everything that an authorized dealership can activate or deactivate in addition to the factory settings. It is of course also very useful if, for example, you change the oil in your vehicle yourself or replace the brake pads because here you can use the service functions to reset the oil service or the display for the brake pad change.

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Examples of APPS (One-Click Features)

Suitable for inexperienced users. More than 500 different apps for different vehicles online:

  • Carry out a service reset (oil service, brake pad change, etc.)
  • Configure vehicle lights (daytime running lights, side lights, US indicators, TFL dimming, etc.)
  • Adjust the settings of the comfort system (automatic door locking, opening the doors using the comfort function, closing the window with the remote control, etc.)
  • Activate functions after retrofitting (cruise control, seat heating, LED license plate lighting, wiper water level sensor, etc.)
  • Activate visual functions in the cockpit (pointer deflection, parking system with display, volume, PDC, sensitivity, etc.)
  • Deactivate functions (warning tones for ignition on, sound actuator, seat belt warning, etc.)

Advantages of the Pro Version

  • Main menu with more information: PRO layout (engine codes, battery voltage, list of faulty control units, etc. are immediately visible)
  • Display of errors related to the environmental conditions
  • more details and information
  • Actuator diagnosis
  • security access
  • Login / access authorization
  • Backup for the various control units
  • Changes to the vehicle programming are logged
  • more readings and the live data
  • Coding / long coding
  • Coding II
  • Adjustment / Long adjustment
  • Basic settings can be made and saved

So far so good! But what if the steering wheel vibrates suddenly when accelerating or braking? What if the whole vehicle shakes and you have no idea where the imbalance is coming from? Then maybe our contribution on the topic "Car vibrates or wobbles while driving - why?"!

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