Wednesday July 28st 2021

Autumn is definitely coming - all-season tires & all-weather tires by Tirendo

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summer tires winter tires Autumn is definitely coming. All-season tires & all-weather tires by Tirendo

If 12.000 assembly partners take part, then there must be something to it, right? What am I talking about? Of THE Tire platform on the Internet ... name of the whole -> "Tirendo"! And what the difference to the many others, we tell you now. A big PLUS of the Tirendo website is the online configurator on the home page, which makes it possible not only to search for tires online for cars, but also for all types of 4 × 4 vehicles, for trucks, for motorcycles and even especially for off-road applications Vehicles. On the one hand, the configurator allows you to search for the desired tire directly if the specifications are known, or on the other hand, you can conveniently use the vehicle search and can easily display which tires are suitable for which vehicle type. While many other providers can only sort by summer tires or winter tires, Tirendo offers a whole lot more.

All-Season Tire All-Season Tire Tirendo 3 Fall is definitely all-season tires and all-weather tires by Tirendo

On request, you can put together your desired complete wheel (including rim) or simply order spare parts for the upcoming car repair. In addition, it is also possible to order a wide variety of accessories directly from Tirendo. From the large roof box to the light bulb, the range is extremely large and versatile and everything can be done using the configurator. In my opinion, the absolute highlight is the online search for an assembly partner who will install the ordered parts / tires / rims directly and also receive the delivery. In fact, workshops often take the liberty of installing the parts they have brought with them, which is definitely a thing of the past with this option and over 12.000 monthly partners. For our sparsely populated region around the postal code 08359 alone, we have found 10 monthly partners within a radius of 9 kilometers. Perfect ... If we have piqued your interest, then take a look at Tirendo (Link see above). We wish you the best of luck in finding the right tire or accessory for your car.

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