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BMW M4 GTS: lightweight now with carbon rims

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BMW M4 GTS: lightweight now with carbon rims

Optionally, BMW offers extremely high-quality BMW M4 GTS (F82) for the limited edition BMW MXNUMX GTS (FXNUMX) Carbon rims on. In conjunction with special support bearings, swivel bearings or a double-joint strut front axle, the optionally available BMW M Compound wheels are supposed to provide significantly better driving behavior thanks to the reduction in unsprung masses. The catch: with anything but cheap anyway BMW M4 GTS - Base price 142.600 euros - should be the special BMW rims add an additional 12.500 euros.

BMW M4 GTS Lightweight construction now also available with carbon rims BMW M4 GTS: Lightweight construction now also with carbon rims

Technology bearer on the occasion of the BMW M3 E30

The limited BMW M4 GTS Coupé with internal factory code F82 is a special model of the Munich mid-range sports car BMW M700 Coupé limited to just 4 units. The athlete from the middle class segment comes up with all kinds of technical subtleties that are usually reserved for super athletes. With this, the Munich-based carmaker BMW once again wants to prove that its own BMW tuning the BMW M GmbH represents the ultimate in par excellence. The occasion for the technology bearer is the 30th birthday of the legendary BMW M3 E30, which was built from 1986 and is still regarded as a stylish, perfectly shaped and particularly sporty mid-range racer of the 80s. In the subsequent 3-series, delicacies à la BMW M3 GT, BMW M3 CSL, BMW M3 GTS or BMW M3 CRT followed - all special models that are considered to be ancestors of the BMW M4 GTS and are still at the very top in Bavarian success.

Differences to the regular and anything but underpowered BMW M4 Coupé can be found both visually and technically. The BMW M4 GTS Coupé has the same S55 engine - an in-line six-cylinder turbo engine with three liters of displacement - from the well-known BMW M4, but thanks to water injection in the limited special model, it delivers a whopping 500 hp and a maximum torque of 600 Newton meters. The BMW M100 GTS Coupé including the seven-stage double clutch drive (BMW M DKG) reaches the 4 mark in just 3,8 seconds - Supersport level! The top speed is 305 km / h, whereby an electronic limitation always keeps the Bavarian superhorse in the fence.

Lightweight construction on all corners and edges

BMW M4 GTS Lightweight design now also available with carbon rims 1 e1464378141727 BMW M4 GTS: Lightweight construction now also available with carbon rimsThe empty weight of the BMW M4 GTS Coupé is just 1.510 kilograms. This means that there is a power-to-weight ratio of 3,0 kilograms per horsepower on the data sheet, which is impressive and even makes one or two super athletes look old. But not only factually, but also practically, the BMW M4 GTS Coupé proves that it can do more than others in its class: the special model takes just 7:28 minutes to lap the legendary Nürburgring-Nordschleife, the most demanding race track in the world. All this is made possible by consistent lightweight construction measures, which have not left the internal and external values ​​of the BMW M4 GTS Coupé unscathed. Among other things, the version limited to a sparse 700 copies has several BMW Parts such as carbon bucket seats, a lightweight center console, many lightweight interior parts as well as the bonnet, roof and front splitter made of particularly light and at the same time torsion-resistant CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic). The distinguishing feature of the BMW M4 Coupé is without a doubt the massive rear wing on the CFRP tailgate, which thanks to its adjustability and aerodynamic optimizations should be one thing above all: functional when used on the racetrack.

For just 12.500 euros: BMW M compound rims made of carbon

The improvements in driving dynamics due to lightweight materials drive the Munich company to the extreme by enabling buyers to equip the limited special model with optional BMW M compound wheels. Cost point for the rims: a whopping 12.500 euros! But the rims have it all and, thanks to the carbon fiber rim beds, are not only an eye-catcher, but also a functional upgrade overall. Compared to the standard wheels, the weight of the unsprung masses is reduced by around seven kilograms, which has a significant impact on driving behavior and should be more than pleased by corner robbers. In addition to driving behavior when cornering, braking performance and acceleration performance are also positively influenced by the BMW carbon wheels in compound design.

BMW M4 GTS Lightweight construction now also available with carbon rims 3 BMW M4 GTS: Lightweight construction now also available with carbon rims

Also unusual: BMW installs 19-inch wheels on the front axle, while considerable 20-inch carbon wheels do their job on the driven rear axle. When it comes to tires, the people of Munich rely on 265/35 ZR19 big wheels, while on the rear axle 285/30 ZR20 sports tires of the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 brand are used. It remains to be seen whether BMW will also offer the carbon wheels on other models or even for retrofitting with optional accessories - such as the BMW M Performance range. With a hefty base price of 142.600 euros, one can only guess how many of the 700 limited BMW M4 GTS Coupés will be equipped with the extrateure carbon rims. In any case, it would be a worthwhile investment.

BMW M4 GTS Lightweight construction now also available with carbon rims BMW M4 GTS: Lightweight construction now also with carbon rims

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