Bunter Hund - foiling on the Audi A3 S3 sedan

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We have created a virtual picture for you on the computer that we really want to show you. While the original of the Audi A3 S3 sedan that we have modified is anything but boring, we decided to expand the whole thing a little bit and got down to it and modified the A3.

We have made the following virtual changes:

  • Flip-flop-like color gradient wrapping all around
  • Spotlights tinted

Here for comparison the original picture:


Now our question to you, what do you think of that? Would you like the S3 as modified by us or would that be "Too much" and yet a number too blatant? In any case, I would be happy to see the car like this or at least something like it on our streets and I could imagine that it is quite an eye-catcher. 🙂

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