News: G-Power Compressor System Update for the M5 and M6

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In addition to the extreme tuning variants with 800+ hp, the tuner G-Power has now developed new compressor systems for the BMW M5 V10 and the BMW M6 V10 and is now offering various performance levels. From 580PS to 630PS to 700PS and finally 830PS, everything is included.

m5 e60 g power compressor 11 News: G Power compressor system update for the M5 and M6

(Photos: G-Power)

G-Power offers the following tuning:

  • 830PS / 780 Nm and 370 km / h peak
  • SK system (Plus, I and II) One instead of two ASA compressors
  • first expansion stage "SK Plus System" 580 PS / 560 Nm
  • second stage "PC I system" boost pressure from 0,3 to 0,5 bar = 620 PS / 600 Nm
  • "SK II system" 0,6 bar boost pressure + exhaust system 700 PS / 670 Nm.
  • Costs: 8.687 Euro (Plus), 11.305 Euro (SK I) 17.255 (SK II) Euro

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