Photo story: Huge - Ford F-450 Super Duty Tuning

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Currently we received pictures of two huge Ford F-450 Super Duty which of course we can not withhold from you. The two trucks have been significantly modified and are on the road somewhere in China. By the way, in the land of the rising sun this model is not actually offered at all but can only be reached via various detours. We do not know many details about the conversions, but we can derive a lot from the pictures, and some information was given when the photos were presented. What we were able to find out and have recognized in the photos is listed below for you in a small summary. Incidentally, the photos and the story of the car were first published on the website.

(Photos: carnewschina)

These are the data we know about the two 450s:

Base: Ford F-450 Super Duty cab

  • huge off-road tires
  • significant increase
  • Twin tires rear
  • Road Armor front bumper and bull bar
  • red and white 3M stickers
  • Color: Metallic red
  • 6,7-liter diesel engine (1.166 Newtonmeter)
  • Winch auxiliary light
  • new grille
  • Wind deflector on the windows

ford-f450-china-8-660x778 ford-f450-china-2-660x429 ford-f450-china-1-660x374 ford-f450-china-0-660x468

Base: Ford F-450 Super Duty Lariat Pickup

  • Matt gray finish
  • tinted windows
  • significant increase
  • Twin tires rear
  • yellow rims
  • Road Armor front bumper and bull bar
  • additional lights
  • sidepipes

Black window go big with black body that contrasts sharply with yellow wheels. Only dissonant are the shiny chrome mirrors, which should have been black or yellow.


Double tailpipe on the right side.

Possibly reach us in the next few days even more pictures of the car. As soon as this is the case, we will of course put them online and inform you about them.

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