Wednesday July 28st 2021

Hardcore KTM X-Bow from Tuner Wimmer with 435PS

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Many were afraid that the new edition of the KTM X-Bow would be a softi version, after all, there was space for a windscreen with wipers and heated exterior mirrors. For what exactly the mirror heater is supposed to be used is somewhat unclear to us, only when we see a model in winter use do we understand the meaning.

Wimmer KTM X Bow GT 1 Hardcore KTM X Bow from Tuner Wimmer with 435PS

(Photos: Wimmer)

Wimmer offers the following tuning:

  • performance increase
  • forged pistons
  • turbocharger
  • H-shaft connecting rod
  • optimized intake
  • new software vote
  • 435 PS and 500 Newtonmeter at 2.860 RPM (Series: 420 Newtonmeter)
  • Sports exhaust system
  • 100-cell catalyser
  • Pre-feed gasoline pump
  • High performance water pump
  • 850 kilograms curb weight
  • 3,3 seconds on 100
  • 11,7 seconds at 200 km / h
  • Maximum 246 km/h

Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Hardcore KTM X Bow from tuner Wimmer with 435PS

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