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The car care set of the Voodoo-Ride brand introduced briefly:

On the website you can buy an exclusive, high-quality car care set from the brand Voodoo-Ride. Your car should be washed, polished and cleaned again and the optimally grooming set from Voodoo-Ride will help you. The set consists of 10 parts. So has a lot of potential to help you with your car care and to let your car shine again. Voodoo-Ride is a truly wonderful car care set. The look of the individual products is also appealing and should not go unmentioned. It sets cool accents, making washing, waxing and cleaning easier.

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This set really convinces with qualitative ingredients, which are otherwise only known from cosmetic products. The latest technologies were used to maintain cars based on the latest state of science. Caring for a car properly is very important. The All Metal Polish polish is outstanding in the series of this care set. The polish miraculously seals the car paint and helps to keep your car for a long time! The Voodo-Ride products not only have an excellent care effect on the outside, but also for the interior of the car.

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The exclusive car care set consists of:

  • Voodoo Ride Polish all-in-one
  • Voodoo Ride All Metal Polish
  • Voodoo Ride Infinite Spray
  • Voodoo Ride Interior Cleaner
  • Voodoo Ride Scratch Remover
  • Voodoo Ride Tire Gloss
  • Voodoo Ride Wash Wax
  • Voodoo Ride Wheel Cleaner
  • Voodoo Ride X-Tra Wash Mitt
  • Voodoo Ride X-Tra Microbibre
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With this set you let your car shine again and the paint will thank you. Whether tires, rims, polish or the inside of the cockpit, the care of your car is cared for with the Voodo Ride Set. Some parts from the set in detail:

Here are a few products in detail ...

Voodoo Ride All Metal Polish:

You can use the polish for all metals. Chrome, aluminum, copper and much more. The product does not contain acids. It simply makes stains or discolorations disappear.

Voodoo Ride Infinite Spray Detailer:

The spray protects your car from "dirty attacks". You can use the spray inside and outside. Your friends will envy you the shine of your car.

Voodoo Ride Interior Cleaner:

An indoor cleaner with an antibacterial effect. The cleaner kills even the thickest dust. It removes stains on all fabrics, leather, plastic, carpets etc. It disinfects the entire interior of your car. Bacteria are also 99,99% eliminated! This is particularly important if you have bought a used car.

Voodoo Ride All-in One Polish:

The King from the set will revive your car like a phoenix from the ashes if it is very dirty. And all that without hours of polishing! With Voodoo this is faster and you can devote yourself to driving your car. After the work is done, proudly present the car because it will shine like a Christmas tree. Oxidized paint, small scratches or dull paint - polishing with polymers is the best protection for your car. UV radiation, acid rain and especially salt in winter pose a massive risk to the car body. Voodo ride care helps against this. jetzt kaufen voodoo ride Fahrzeugpflege Produkte auf

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