The time has come - the 2019 XS Carnight shows the trends

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XS Carnight Berlin 2018 tuning Soon the time has come for the 2019 XS Carnight to show the trends

The XS Carnight is a tuning meeting that has been around for over 20 years. Meanwhile the XS Carnight meeting takes place worldwide around the globe. 2018 was the anniversary of the XS Carnight in Berlin in the Olympic Stadium. 20 years is a very long time in the autotuning scene, because in 20 years this hobby does not stay as it once was. Not only the trends change, but also the circumstances in which one lives. Many will keep your style and your car a long time. Some people set new trends from year to year. The XS Carnight now organizes brand-independent tuning meetings for over 20 years. As in any good story, it started small with few cars in a parking lot.


XS Carnight Berlin 2018 tuning2 Soon the 2019 XS Carnight shows the trends

The former parking lot meeting has now become a global event and no longer needs to meet in abandoned parking garages. The international breakthrough came after the XS Carnight was organized in the year 2011 on the Dresden fairgrounds. California or on the Wörthersee in Austria are just an example where the XS Carnight has already taken place. The car tuning organizers wanted to celebrate this success and therefore organized last year the XS Carnight in the Berlin Olympic Stadium. The theme of the anniversary event was to select the best tuning vehicles in Europe. To this end, 50 vehicles from all over Europe were exhibited in the Berlin Olympic Stadium. A day later, more than 50 vehicles were present on the grounds of the stadium.

fantastic vehicles of all manufacturers

XS Carnight Berlin 2018 tuning3 Soon the 2019 XS Carnight shows the trends

What draws so many people to the XS Carnight? It's the collective enthusiasm. Tastes, the work and performance of each individual are recognized and hardly anyone criticizes the work that goes into such a car or the taste of the tuner. The organizers also try to offer a wide variety and thus meet all tastes. Brand hatred is excluded, which is a particularly important criterion. Cars from Wolfsburg and Ingolstadt shape the picture, but you can also see special and rare vehicles and an Opel, Ford or Toyota is also welcome at the XS Carnight. Incidentally, the XS Carnight still bears the names "XSCarNight - XS WORLD - XS-MAG, XS-CarNight, XS-Edition".

Of course that had not happened yet!

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