Info: Electric LED footboards - what's up?

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electric running boards tuning Info: Electric LED running boards what's up there?

Electric running boards and solid mounted boarding aids! As the automobile in the early 20. In the 19th century, when series production went into production, almost all models had running boards as a practical design element. The bodywork was narrow and high, which is why running boards were needed as a boarding aid. In addition, these constructions were long and wide, so they served as a seat or berth during breaks. The most remarkable representative of these cars with running boards was the Volkswagen Beetle worldwide. Designed before the war, the basic styling never changed. Footboards that had been grown since the first day remained until the series ran out.

Running boards Oldtimer tuning Info: Electric LED footboards what's up there?

In the design departments of the vehicle manufacturers, the pickups always lagged behind their automotive brothers. Until the mid-50s, the "trucks" were considered commercial vehicles for farmers and lumberjacks. For this reason, the design has not been revised or only slightly revised by the automobile manufacturers. Only with the onset of demand for more luxurious pickups and semi-off-road SUVs did the neglectful behavior of vehicle manufacturers change. In the last few decades, running boards have seen a comeback. Both the practicality and the design are now so multifaceted that no longer just running boards are offered.

Running boards have been making a comeback for years

Differences are under Running Boards, Nerf Bars, Hoop Steps, Side Steps and other variations. These models are firmly screwed to the body and some are also available in an automatic version. Electric running boards are available that extend using sensor technology, are connected to the ignition or are operated at the push of a button. The advantage of this variant is the fuel savings. While driving, the entry aid disappears under the body, which reduces wind resistance. Illuminated running boards are extremely trendy and functional. Anyone who has ever tried to climb out of the driver's cab in the dark somewhere in the wild has definitely wanted an electric step board with lighting. The usefulness of lighting is obvious, especially since the LED strips can illuminate the surface in a very decorative color.

Today, running boards are a style statement and a matter of practicality. The "wheel-to-wheel footboard cover" refers to footboards that span the entire length of a pick-up, van or SUV between the front and rear wheel arches. Such running boards are offered as a one-piece or two-piece assembly set. Luxury versions have a motor and integrated lighting so that the footboard is only extended when you get out and is illuminated in the dark.

electric running boards tuning 2 Info: Electric LED running boards what is there actually?

Nerf bars or single hoop steps / side steps, which are bolted directly under the respective doors on the underrun spar, are a bit Spartan but exceedingly decorative. There are also climbing aids, for example, with just one foot on it to get better access to the back of a pick-up. In the accessories area, retrofit kits are now also available, which can be used to illuminate any footboard at a later date.

electric running boards tuning 4 Info: Electric LED running boards what is there actually?

There are considerable differences in terms of quality. Some very cheap models are made of steel and the treads are made of plain steel. Disadvantage is the susceptibility to rust and the significantly higher weight. These running boards must be maintained regularly and repainted annually. The aluminum items are much lighter. Should the aluminum oxidize, it can be countered in time with a sandpaper. However, these models are not as stable as stainless steel footboards. These are more expensive, can withstand significantly higher loads and can be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner in no time. Even salty air or salt water can hardly harm these running boards. These high-quality running boards are also manufactured with an electro-hydraulic extension device and with waterproof lighting.

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