Tutorial: Approved 3D Indicators in Test (2018)

3D License Plate Experiences Tuning 4 Tutorial: 3D license plates in the test (2018)


We recently heard about that 3D license plate GmbH and their patented 3D FEATURES are reported and of course we had to test them right away. In advance, however, we would like to give you a few brief information and direct comparisons with the "normal" aluminum signs. In our opinion, the advantages are obvious. The signs are extremely elastic and, no matter how often you bend them, always return to their original shape. Classic dents, dents or scratches do not appear here. In contrast to the aluminum parts, there is a real 3D look. This is due to the fact that the letters are not embossed on the board, but are placed on top and are firmly connected to it (embossing).

3D License Plate Experiences Tuning 15 Tutorial: 3D license plates in the test (2018)
left 3D & right ALU

Of course, the reflective tape is also poured on, which ensures that the license plate reflects correctly, as required by law. Incidentally, the letters set up are completely colored so that neither stone chips nor high-pressure cleaners can ensure that the color flies away. For our test, we ordered the 3D Black Magic in high-gloss optics, which convinces with its glossy black surface. For another vehicle, we also ordered the 3D Prestige 520 in satin black (see photos).

Installation instructions On page 2

3D License Plate Experiences Tuning 8 Tutorial: 3D license plates in the test (2018)
reflective nanofoil / unrestrictedly approved according to §10 section 2 of the FZV

Important: 3D license plates and registration authorities

Landratsamt Zulaufungsstelle Aue e1527845625354 Tutorial: Approved 3D marks in the test (2018)

We would particularly like to address the eligibility again! The 3D license plate 3D Black Magic in high-gloss optics and the 3D Prestige 520 in satin black according to the manufacturer Requirements according to § 10 FZV (vehicle registration regulation) to be properly "sealed". The registration office of the Aue-Schwarzenberg district office would even have been willing to seal the carbon variant, which is currently still in the approval phase. As soon as this phase has been completed (estimated at the end of 2018), we will of course inform you. If the carbon number plates are to be used now, we recommend that you obtain information from the responsible registration office before ordering whether the carbon number plates are accepted there. (Update 11 / 2018: The carbon license plates are now approved and we have naturally ordered a set)

3D License Plate Experiences Tuning 11 e1527846572251 Tutorial: 3D license plates in the test (2018)


Last but not least, we would like to talk about the costs. OK: They are more expensive - but also much fancier! A sign currently costs € 27,45 including 19% VAT and plus shipping costs. In addition, there are the costs for sealing a vehicle that has already been registered in the amount of approx. 6 euros. For individualists who want to stand out from the crowd, the markings are, in our opinion, an absolute must.

3D License Plate Experiences Tuning 9 Tutorial: 3D license plates in the test (2018)
One wanted 6 € for the sealing for 1 pair of license plates

The process in four steps:

  • Order 3D license plate
  • take old and new registration plates and drive to the registration office
  • Unseal old license plates and have new 3D license plates sealed
  • Mount 3D license plate (see instructions) and done

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when entering the code "3D tuning 18“Exist until 31.08.2018 a 15% discount for one Order in the online shop. (the discount cannot be combined with other discounts or benefits, can be redeemed once per customer and cannot be used for the 3D motorcycle license plates.)

Aluminum license plates and 3D license plates in direct comparison

2 page: How to do it

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  1. It is exciting to see whether the 3D license plate will be the end of development. We have already read quite a bit about digital license plates from license plate direct. Be it the complete digitization of license plates in Dubai or the initiatives in America. With current running monthly costs, which are roughly the acquisition costs of the "conventional" car license plate and one-off costs in the three-digit range, we currently see no real risk that the digital license plate will prevail.

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