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Germany-wide officially permitted: 3D license plate in carbon look

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A DSC03319 Carbon Germany officially permitted: 3D license plate in carbon look


Already in June we have you the 3D plastic license plate presented, Since 01.Oktober 2018 are now also the 3D license plate in high-quality carbon look fully approved for road traffic. No entry is necessaryto visually tune his car with the 3D license plates down to the smallest detail. A simple stamping of the badges from aluminum to 3D license plates is sufficient.

Due to the approval of the responsible state authorities in October 2018, vehicle owners are no longer only allowed matt blackhigh-gloss and red 3D plastic license plate officially attach to the vehicle, but also the visually striking variant with carbon finish.

A DSC03350 Carbon Germany officially permitted: 3D license plate in carbon look
The 3D license plate in carbon look makes your car the absolute highlight!

In addition to the relief-like look of the 3D carbon license plates, the letters refined by water transfer printing in the distinctive carbon look and sealed with high-gloss piano lacquer also attract attention. They are absolutely perfect for cars that are equipped with carbon details or high-gloss extras. Logo 3D License Carbon Germany officially permitted: 3D license plate in carbon look

But the 3D license plates are not only a visual highlight! you will be made of high quality special plastic and are the complete opposite of the easily scratchable and dent-prone aluminum mark:

The fully colored and raised letters of the 3D license plates prevent the font from wearing out, which ensures permanent legibility. In addition to the letters, the 3D license plate is also fully colored and UV-resistant, which prevents fading. It does compared to aluminum marks (on which only a thin layer of paint is applied) more resistant and easier to care for. In addition, the 3Ds extremely flexible and go back to their original shape with the trailer coupling even after deformation or with slight parking bumps. Dents in the shield are history! The 3D license plates - whether in carbon look, semi-gloss black, Black Magic or red - are therefore an absolute long-term added value for every car.

But how are the 3D plates actually made and what makes them so special?

Using the specially developed embossing process, the individual plastic plates are riveted to the license plate. The lettering is thus firmly attached to the sign and cannot fall off. The 3D license plate is therefore not only extremely durable, but also forgery-proof. With the individually placed, precisely shaped 3D letters, the 3D mark appears three-dimensional than the weakly defined embossing of conventional metal signs: This is how the name came about 3D license plate.

There is also a positive side effect when using 3D license plates when it comes to car washing: the circuit board of the 3D plastic license plates is sealed with a nanofoil at the factory. As a result, dirt can be removed more easily than with a metal sign. No matter whether hand washing or in the car wash ... the 3Ds are clean in no time.

Above all, the different variants allow the 3D license plates to be tailored to specific vehicle details: besides the 3D license plates in carbon look are also semi-gloss black 3D Prestige license plate, With Piano lacquer finished glossy plates (an absolute eye-catcher, the 3D Black Magic!) And red marks for commercial use in the manufacturer onlineshop under available. All license plate variants are also in shortened Sport XS versions available and can be as Seasonal license platesE-mark and H-plates in satin black, high-gloss Black Magic optics and in carbon optics.

16 Easy Fix Ultra fully assembled Germany-wide officially permitted: 3D license plate in carbon look

The absolute highlight is the Possibility of mounting the 3D license plate without drill holes on the bumper: The specially developed Easy Fix Ultra Velcro strap is frameless and consists of a Velcro and a fleece piece. The Velcro is attached to the bumper while the fleece is attached to the license plate. In autumn 2016, the Easy Fix Ultra Velcro holder became the TÜV test winner in terms of theft protection (in direct comparison with conventional license plate holders). The 3D license plates also fit in commercially available plastic holders or can with screws to be assembled. Only the Simple Fix / Alu Fixx clamp bracket is not suitable for mounting the 3Ds due to the flexibility of the label.

13 Shield and Velcro shortly before Germany's officially permitted: 3D license plate in carbon look
The Easy Fix Ultra Velcro bracket enables drill-free mounting on the vehicle and was chosen by TÜV Süd as the safest license plate bracket.

As already mentioned, no entry is necessary to use the 3D plastic signs! The 3D marks are fully permitted for road traffic and meet all applicable standards, You don't even have to wait until the next registration of a car: Cars with already sealed aluminum signs can also switch to the dent and corrosion-resistant 3D license plates, For this is after receipt of the order under only a simple re-stamping of the badges from aluminum to 3D license plates in the registration office is necessary.

In the following picture you can see how easy it is to change from aluminum plate to 3D license plate:

Change from alu to 3D Germany-wide officially permitted: 3D license plate in carbon look

With the 3D license plates you get a product that is completely manufactured and sold in Germany. For the manufacture of the circuit board and the letters, several companies based in Germany work together and deliver the best possible regional quality "made in Germany". The 3D license plate GmbH based in Passau is the sole manufacturer and patent holder. All commercially available 3D license plates come exclusively from the factory of 3D-Kennzeichen GmbH in Lower Bavaria.

So we can summarize: The flexible 3D license plates offer a design that clearly stands out and stands out from the average 08/15 plate license plate! The optically attractive 3D look is maintained for the life of the car, because the elastic material does not dent when used as intended, it is resistant to corrosion and, thanks to the high-quality materials, also withstands minor impacts without permanent damage. Dents and scratches on the license plate are no longer an issue! This not only makes your car stand out from the crowd, the 3Ds also last significantly longer than aluminum number plates. For all those who value optical tuning and want to stand out from the crowd, the robust 3D license plates are an absolute must-have!

3D license plate at the Essen Motor Show 2018

The 3D license plate is not only available online in the manufacturer shop but of course, just like last year, directly to take away at the Essen Motor Show!

From November 30.11.2018th, 09.12.2018 to December 3th, 3 you can have the 19D plastic labels stamped directly on site at the 3D-Kennzeichen GmbH stand (Galeria, Stand 3) at the fair price. The team at 5D Kennzeichen GmbH is of course available to answer any questions you may have directly at the stand in the Galeria. The 3D signs are ready to take with you in no time, as the production only takes about XNUMX minutes. So treat yourself and your car to cool XNUMXD license plates for Christmas.

You will find the 3D license plate number 19 in the Galeria between hall 3 and hall 4.

EMS with diamond Germany-wide officially permitted: 3D license plate in carbon look
Also this year the 3D license plate GmbH can be found again at the Essen Motor Show. Get your new 3D license plate there at the fair price.

Exclusive knife discount on the 3D license plate stand on the 51. Food motor show

All customers who have a 3D license plate embossed at the 19D license plate stand in the Galeria (stand no. 3) can also expect an exclusive trade fair discount. The 3D Kennzeichen GmbH team is looking forward to presenting the revolutionary plastic license plates and the Passau company again at Europe's largest trade fair for sporty series vehicles, tuning, motorsport and classic cars.

EMS 2018 Approved throughout Germany: 3D license plate in carbon look
The 3D license plates are minted directly at the Essen Motor Show at the 3D-Kennzeichen GmbH stand

We have prepared a discount code for the manufacturer's online shop for everyone who does not find time to visit the Essen Motor Show this year: with the voucher code 3D tuning EMS you can get a full 31.01.2019% discount on your order * in the manufacturer shop at 15 secure and switch directly from aluminum to 3D license plate.

button d tuning ems Germany-wide officially permitted: 3D license plate in carbon look

* One discount code redeemable per customer at, Does not apply in combination with other promotions or discounts and cannot be used to order 3D motorcycle license plates.

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