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Every car owner wants their vehicle to last as long as possible and always look good. A certain level of maintenance is required to achieve this goal. However, this is only possible if the cleaning and care products are of particularly high quality. That is why the Made in Germany articles are from 4K car cleaning recommended. The company has been active in vehicle care for 50 years and now wants to inspire customers throughout Germany with new luxury care products.

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If you use your vehicle every day, you will not be able to prevent it from getting dirty. Dirt from the road and sometimes rain cause stubborn buildup to form. There are also insects and brake dust, which likes to settle on the rims. While the usual dirt can usually be easily removed with water and a special cleaning agent, the situation is very different when it comes to removing insect remains and brake dust.

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That is why 4K Carcleaning has the appropriate cleaning agents for perfect cleaning. But not only that. Also accessories like dry towels, rim brushes or washing mitts are in the range. In addition, the selection will be steadily expanded in the coming weeks and months. Among other things, a vehicle shampoo for the outside wash as well as a special one Polish finisher spray. Accessories and some merchandise will also follow.

Insect removal made easy

no way you should try to remove the remains of insects with a hard sponge or various brushes. With the 4K Carcleaning Insect Remover the work succeeds effortlessly without attack the paint. The agent only needs to be sprayed on and after a short exposure time, the dirt from the insects can simply be wiped off.

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Professional cleaning of vehicle parts made of plastic

Various plastic components are still installed on modern vehicles. This includes parts of the front and rear apron, any fender inserts or various attachments such as small flaps or spoiler lips. And these are not always painted in the same color as the car. But since they also get dirty, they need high-quality cleaning. However, conventional body cleaners are usually not so good because they are more intended for cleaning painted components. The renowned manufacturer 4K Carcleaning has a special one for this case Plastic cleaner, which is easy to use. The advantage of the product is that it has plastic components cleans and at the same time cares.

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Remove stubborn brake dust from the rims

The rims are one of the most important elements of the car. In particular, beautifully designed alloy wheels are an impressive feature of the vehicle. But it usually doesn't take long for them to turn black. The dirt is mostly due to abrasion of the brake pads. Brake dust is a fine dust that sticks stubbornly to the rims and cannot be easily removed with water and cleaning agents. Also, cleaning rims with a high-pressure cleaner is usually not XNUMX% successful.

However, for these purposes there is an excellent tool. It's the Rim cleaner from 4K Carcleaning. This comes in a special spray bottle for easy application. It is acid-free and has an active indicator that turns from transparent to red after use. In combination with a rim brush, which is also available from the 4K range, dirt on the rims no longer stands a chance. The wheel rims are cleaned gently so that the round wheels still shine like new even after many years. If you want to do something good for your car, then you should take a look at the modern and highly effective cleaning and care products from 4K Carcleaning.

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