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End of the stone chips on the paint - The rockfall protection spray

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Rockfall protection spray Protector paint Underbody protection e1574835054174 End of the stone impact on the paint The rockfall protection spray

The car is still considered the status symbol of our society. Whether sleek sports car, crazy convertible or the practical family van. One thing all these cars have in common. They only really come into their own if they come along with no quirks and damages. But especially the ground-level regions of vehicle paint are particularly prone to rockfalls. For example, the Schwellerberreiche, the aprons or the wheel arches offer even the smallest stones a popular attack surface. But here you can take care of yourself, if the manufacturer has not done it. Because the stone chipping in the paint is only once available, it not only looks ugly, but it also quickly rust! And rust can quickly change from a small paint damage over time, a major, costly damage, which will even ensure that under certain circumstances by the TÜV, the reliability of the car is no longer guaranteed and the same goes out. But it does not have to come that far. Remedy here simply creates the rockfall protection spray.

Protection and safety for the sills

Rockfall protection spray Protector paint Underbody protection 2 e1574835533180 End of the stone chips on the paint The rockfall protection spray

The sills of a vehicle in particular are very often threatened by falling rocks. Because a rockfall can hit anyone. Whether on the motorway, the country road or in the city. There are countless small stones on our streets, which are just waiting to be blown up by tires. By using the rockfall protection spray, the sensitive sill area is effectively protected against the risk of rockfall and consequential damage. And the stone chip protection spray is very easy to apply. Clean the area beforehand, shake the can and spray on the desired position. Stone chip protection spray is available in black, white or gray. Occasionally there is even the option of adding any desired paint color directly. The protective layer forms a bitumen-like, elastic layer on which small stones cannot leave any damage. And the protective sprays can almost always be painted over after a short drying time. Thus, "after that“Apply the color of your choice to the protective layer. And even on a plastic bumper, a thin protective layer of stone chip protection can be applied in the area below, which is then painted over. Although there is no risk of rust here, damage to the paint should also be prevented on the aprons.

Rockfall? Not just in the windshield

Rockfall protection spray Protector paint Underbody protection2 End of the stone impacts on the paint The rockfall protection spray

In a rockfall, most always think the same to the windshield. But not only in the windscreen does a rock fall mean a danger to the vehicle and safety. In addition to the Schwellerberreich rockfalls also threaten the underbody of a vehicle and in the wheel arches. Because stones whirled up by the tires are caught directly in the wheel arch. As a rule, these areas are already protected by the manufacturer with a protective layer. But over time, damage can quickly be caused by stones here. Discovered early, the damage is minimal. Simply repair the damaged area with rockfall protection spray and rust and pitting are no danger to the vehicle. info: The rockfall protection is also available for painting. This variant is particularly suitable for non-visible areas such as the subsoil. The underrun protection for applying by brush is usually thicker and more resistant to environmental influences.

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Rockfall protection spray Protector paint Undercoating paint paint the end of the stone chips on the paint The rockfall protection spray

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