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Tip: Cavity preservation prevents rust formation!

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Cavity preservation Corrosion protection Protective wax Tip: Cavity preservation prevents rust formation!

A car usually rusts from the inside out. The layman does not realize this immediately. If you look at the rust, for example, on the side skirts, then it could mean that this is already rusted. Especially for cars that are not moved much, therefore, a good cavity preservation is important. Such a cavity preservation is made in the cavities of the subsoil. But also on the doors are cavities, as well as the fender and the boot lid. Cavities are also located on the C-pillars, the sills, in the hood and on door edges and window frames. Some of these cavities are only a few millimeters in size. New vehicles already have cavity protection, which effectively protects them from corrosion. Even if the car is not moved frequently. But even this protection decreases with time. Then unnoticed in the cavities rust and can damage the substance of the car sustainably. The renewal of a cavity preservation is therefore necessary after a certain time. The cavity preservation is a water-repellent layer of grease or wax. This layer protects the cavities against moisture, dirt and salt deposits and thus ultimately against the risk of rust.

Good preparation is important

Cavity preservation Corrosion protection Protective wax2 Tip: Cavity preservation prevents rust formation!

In order to perform effective cavity preservation, good preparation is required. This includes a thorough cleaning of the subfloor, especially in older cars. Dry ice is recommended here. Alternatively, the cleaning can also be done with glass beads. Because for effective conservation you need a good foundation. And cleaning the subfloor with dry ice is such a good foundation. Cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner alone is not enough. Finally, as part of the preparation for cavity preservation, a protective layer of transparent wax is applied. Before a cavity preservation is worth a test by endoscope. In this way, all cavities are identified that are present or that may already be besieged with rust. For the actual preservation of the cavities, the car should ideally be lifted onto a lift. Before the corrosion protection grease is applied, finally the non-treated areas are masked off. In this way, contamination is prevented. If the cavities to be processed are inaccessible inside the car, various components may have to be removed before the cavity is preserved. In this way, better accessibility to the cavities is ensured.

The right tool is part of it

Since many cavities are difficult to reach, a special tool is required for cavity conservation. In order to be able to carefully apply the anti-corrosion grease comfortably even in internal cavities, many experts use a long cavity probe. A so-called cavity gun is also often used. With the help of the flexible spray system, the anti-corrosion grease can also be applied to hard-to-reach areas - again without having to dismantle any components. The spray systems have nozzles of different sizes, which are then suitable for the cavity preservation of wheel arches, sheet metal folds and recesses.

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