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What shines tears - chrome and gold plating vehicle parts

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What glitters - vehicle parts chrome & gild

If you want to make a real piece of jewelry out of your vehicle, you can at least partially chrome it or gild it. It becomes a real eye-catcher on the street.

What glitters - vehicle parts chrome & gild
Of course a matter of taste

What is allowed for chrome plating or gold plating?

The project must be discussed with an experienced tuner, because reflective chrome or gold is only permitted to a limited extent in road traffic. It must not reflect so much and so large that it dazzles or greatly irritates other road users. Normally, of the visible surfaces, up to ten percent may be readily chromed or gilded. Anything beyond that definitely needs one special permissionthat can be granted (for example for show purposes only) or not. If the car regularly participates in road traffic, there may be difficulties with the permit, because chrome and gold lead depending on the light conditions to some dangerous reflections and reflections. Although there are always pictures of fully chromed or gilded cars, but these drive hardly or not on German roads. As has been the case in other states (For example, in the US with more generous legislation), we do not know.

What is chromed or gilded?

Not only because of the approval, but also for cost reasons decorate car lovers anyway single parts with chrome or gold, so the door handles, the rims, the bumpers or the exhaust pipes. If certain parts were chrome plated at the factory, re-chrome plating is readily acceptable. For all other parts must be inquired, so that the approval does not go out. There are regular problems with the approval of chromed welds on the frame or chrome / gold parts on the chassis. The chrome plating of previously chromed and later differently coated or damaged parts is carried out by a galvanizer, which uses chrome paste for minor repairs. The real Neuverchromung is relatively expensive, a gilding is even more expensive. But there are cheaper variants with films or coatings that look so similar.

What should be paid attention to when gilding?

A gilded car or motorcycle is something very unique and wants to be well cared for. Also you should not expose it to any weather. After gilding, clear varnish is applied to the surfaces several times, which in turn is polished, but care should be taken with such a piece of jewelery. It should only be hand washed and not exposed to extreme temperatures. Otherwise bubbles could form under the paint.

What glitters - vehicle parts chrome & gild

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What glitters - vehicle parts chrome & gild

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What glitters - vehicle parts chrome & gild

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What glitters - vehicle parts chrome & gild

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What glitters - vehicle parts chrome & gild

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What glitters - vehicle parts chrome & gild

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What glitters - vehicle parts chrome & gild

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  1. Great contribution, I love gold.

    I also had my wheel scar covers gold plated and love the look. Now I'm having my two stars gold plated. Package is already ready for shipment

    If you are looking for a professional, you should visit laff-arts. Me and my husband are super satisfied with the ease of handling and the super quality.
    Kind regards and a nice Nicholas

  2. I find your contribution to the gold plating of cars really exciting! My husband told me before that he would like to tune his car, but we had never thought about a gold car before. Thank you for pointing out that a gold-plated car should definitely only be cared for by hand washing and not exposed to extreme temperatures. I will discuss this idea with my husband and maybe he will even follow your inspiration and have parts of his car gilded.

  3. Thank you for your contribution to the gold plating and chrome plating of automotive parts. My cousin would like to have her rims chrome-plated because she really likes the look. Good to know that door handles and bumpers can also be gold-plated.

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