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DIY - self-made tuning and what you should consider!

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Tuning is a thing in itself. While many only imagine smoking tires and showcasing cars, tuning is, above all, a sign of individual driving. Most tuning fans lose the individuality of today's vehicles. Every car leaves the assembly line with the same look and partly the same functions. Those who do not necessarily deal with cars every day will hardly be able to make a difference between a 3, 5 or 7 series BMW or an Audi A4, A6 or A8. It is therefore important to people who do tuning to optically upgrade the vehicle and also to create a very own driving experience. So it's much more than tinted windows and chrome rims. And a lot of tuning often takes place under the body and is not immediately visible.

Do-it-yourself tuning as optimization

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If you want to carry out tuning on the car yourself, you definitely need one: lots of technical skills. And of course there are a few Stickers There is still no tuning on the tailgate. When talking about tuning, it's about the chassis, engine performance, optimized brakes or a new paint. However, these are modifications that should not be made in your own garage. Of course, you can still replace the brake pads yourself with sports brake pads, attach a small airbrush on the fuel cap or maybe replace the standard air filter with a sports air filter. But major changes are usually nothing in the home garage. In order to get the result ideally and to benefit from the tuning in the long term, experts should be consulted. There is even a very special umbrella organization for this, the VDAT (Association of German Automobile Tuners). Specially specialized companies take care that the engine performance is significantly improved or that the engine sound sounds more powerful but remains within the legal framework. In a team of plumbers, car mechanics and fitters, there are no limits to such companies and you can turn all your wishes into reality. Only the wallet specifies the restrictions.

Does the law stand in the way of tuning?

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Basically you can answer this question with "YES". The tuned vehicle is in public traffic. This means that it must not pose a threat to yourself or to other road users. Just as the manufacturers of vehicles have to apply for approval for road traffic, it is also the case with one or the other modification. As a rule of thumb, the smaller the modification, the more likely no separate approval is necessary. For example, rims can be painted in almost any color imaginable. However, if a different exhaust tract or increased engine power is involved, these changes may have to be typified. An example would be a small tuning box that provides an increase in performance. Relatively, such a box is only a small component, but you cannot simply use it without approval. After all, it increases engine performance and it can also have an impact on exhaust emissions. Far-reaching changes must therefore be documented and approved by an expert. And that also applies to the popular lowering. And such an entry can cause considerable costs, which makes tuning an expensive undertaking.

Individuality through tuning

Porsche Panamera ANRKY Wheels AN34 Tuning 4 DIY Selfmade Tuning and what you should consider!

The tuning of the vehicle is often seen in society as swank and therefore rather negatively. Nevertheless, it must be noted that tuning specialists encourage individual driving and thus give the "gray" vehicle a bit of color. If you comply with legal requirements, tuning cars can be a lot of fun and the results promise long-term improvements. The TUNE IT! SAFE! Campaigns show this impressively every year. And the real fans of tuning reject so-called 08/15 tuning. Accessory rims from the catalog, universal spoilers or spray foils from the shelf are not very welcome. The personal character is not really given with such modifications. However, it goes without saying that costs are involved. If you want to upgrade your vehicle in terms of technology and look, you also have to be ready to dig into your pocket.

Porsche Panamera ANRKY Wheels AN34 Tuning 1 DIY Selfmade Tuning and what you should consider!

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