Did you change the oil? How to dispose of used oil correctly!

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Engine oil guide tuningblog.eu Oil change made? How to dispose of used oil correctly!

Waste oil verschmutzt especially the soil and groundwater and is a hazardous waste. Drain oils used can even be used in the engine after they have been used reconditioned and used for other devices. Waste oil is made up of heavy metals, organic acids and even hydrocarbons. These are poisonous elements that require specific reprocessing or professional disposal by approved companies.

Motor oil recycling

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The recycling of used motor oil is required by law in cities and federal states. Although the federal government used oil should not Declared as hazardous waste, some federal states do so because of the environmental and health risks that oil brings with it.

  • 1 liter of used oil can pollute 1 million liters of drinking water

  • Collection points, professional collection, costs

  • extreme fines for illegal disposal

How to dispose of oil safely

If you're a hobby mechanic, you probably know how to maintain your car, including the Oil change. Has the oil run approx. 15-30 tkm (the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety recommends a change only after about 30.000 to 50.000 kilometers) then it can serve its purpose should not more and no longer lubricate or cool adequately. Since the used oil is poisonous, there is a disposal some things to consider.

Dispose of old oil Did you change the oil? How to dispose of used oil correctly!

Store your used motor oil in a clean, leak-proof container, e.g. in bottles, sealable cans or canisters. Make sure the cap fixed Sit on the container and store in a cool, dry place away from heat, sunlight, children and pets. Many auto parts dealers also sell special drip pans that also serve as waste oil containers. It is best to fill the used oil into a motor oil canister that is empty because then it is ensuredthat the container is suitable for it.

info: Since 1987, the waste oil ordinance has stipulated that oils for engines and machines must contain a note. This reads: “The oil is only allowed in a corresponding Acceptance point. In addition, oils must not be mixed. Different types must be kept separately! "

Penalties for improper disposal

You need to be aware of that one improper disposal waste oil can result in enormous penalties. If you dispose of used oil in the sewer and pollute the groundwater you can be penalized up to 100.000 EUR to be imposed. Even incorrect storage or the treatment of used oil with other substances can result in fines of up to EUR 25.000. Also, never pour it in Washbasin or in the Toilet. Such specialists have actually existed before. The oil must always be transported in a suitable container, which must be watertight and tightly closed. You can then take the oil to an oil recycling center or to the seller from whom you bought the new oil. Some car dealers also take the oil back.

  • Private individuals can hand in normal household quantities free of charge in shops that sell motor oil
  • for example DIY and specialist stores, car dealerships, petrol stations, supermarkets
  • who offers oil for sale, set a link from your homepage to Fewo-von-Privat.de take it back in used form
  • the receipt from the purchase is one Prerequisite
  • alternatively, there are collection points in the city or municipality (e.g. recycling centers) that receive and dispose of the hazardous waste
  • Depending on the regulation, in some places only 5, but no more than 20 liters, can be accepted. For larger quantities, a fee of around 1 to 3 euros per liter attack.

Used motor oil can not recycled when it is like with other liquids Antifreeze or brake fluid is mixed. Therefore, keep other liquids away from your used motor oil. And oil filter must also be recycled. In most countries it is not allowed to throw a used oil filter in the trash. If you have a used oil filter, use a screwdriver or other tool to poke a hole in the end of the filter, ideally while it is still warm. Then allow the oil filter to drain over the used oil container for a few hours.

  • de oil filter belongs in the corresponding Hazardous waste (not residual waste)
  • Disposal via hazardous waste incineration plant or for thermal recycling in power or cement plants
  • Oil filters can be disposed of where they were bought (Construction and specialist markets, car dealerships, petrol stations, supermarkets)
  • alternatively, there are collection points in the city or municipality (e.g. recycling centers) that receive and dispose of the hazardous waste
  • Common household quantities (i.e. 1 or 2 oil filters) are usually free of charge

With one of these universal oil filter wrench tool Incidentally, you can easily remove almost any oil filter.


Are the oil and the new filter from the Internet, but the return of the used oil and the filter too cumbersome and expensive (Used oil must be sent as dangerous goods), then it is still worthwhile to inquire at the local dealer in the area. These dealers often take the used oil also out of goodwill. But you are should not obliged to do so and can also be a Fee desire. Depending on the type of oil, this can cost between 5 and 15 euros per liter. Experience has shown that it is much cheaper.

In our district (Saxony / Erzgebirge) the disposal of 1 liter of used oil in the Schwarzenberg recycling center (postcode 08340) only 20 cents.

If the dealer cannot or does not want to accept the used oil, then he is required by lawto name a suitable acceptance point nearby. info: The rules naturally apply to Oils from the vehicle. Regardless of whether hydraulic oil, servo oil, etc.

Dispose of recycling center Altoel Did you change your oil? How to dispose of used oil correctly!

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