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More style on the vehicle - it depends on the panels!

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Exhaust trim Tailpipe trim Audi BMW Mecedes Tuning 3 e1620723041760 More style on the vehicle depends on the trim!

It goes without saying that this does not mean dazzling other road users, but rather enhancing your own vehicle. The headline should only serve to draw the reader's attention to the topic here, it was a success, wasn't it? While you're at it, it's worth reading the text on. When it comes to your own beauty, you should do not compromise. It's the same with your own car. The right trim on the tailpipes is like a veil on the bride, an eye-catcher. If you don't want to limit yourself to normal paintwork and a few new rims, you can also do something for your best pieces, the famous ones last few centimeters on the car, so they are tailpipes meant. But we don't mean the classic tailpipes, as they used to be attached to the existing tailpipes (more information is available here), but we mean bezels, which are particularly suitable for newer vehicles Exhaust system already visible at the factory in the rear apron gives.

Meaning and purpose in addition to the optics

Exhaust trim Tailpipe trim Audi BMW Mecedes Tuning 4 e1620723014192 More style on the vehicle depends on the trim!

Such an exhaust cover off Chrome or carbon upgrades the car, for example various Mercedes, BMW or Audi models. This creates a modern, innovative and sleek complete design. And a high-quality stainless steel and chrome-plated surfaces ensure that the cover stays clean for longer. The aim of such a rear panel is, for example, to make the vehicle complete towards the rear in terms of design and optics. For example, if you are the owner of one not AMG Mercedes C-Class, which nevertheless has built-in exhaust trims on the right and left at the factory (C300, C220, etc.), then you can definitely do the typical with such a cover for the tailpipes AMG style produce.

Exhaust trim Tailpipe trim Audi BMW Mecedes Tuning 6 e1620723125501 More style on the vehicle depends on the trim!

It is also often simply desired no silver or chrome to have on the vehicle and therefore to the factory solutions, which are often silver or chrome-plated cover. Of course, this also applies in reverse. And of course that also applies to other manufacturers and not just Mercedes vehicles. The veneer creates primarily an optical illusion due to the mostly existing extra middle bar. The product should of course vehicle-specific because then it adapts ideally to the tailpipes. The big advantage of most panels, there are visible and therefore annoying screws none, the device is almost always only on the tailpipes glued. The glue itself is heat-resistant and designed for such purposes.

legal to the exhaust covers

The facings in general are available in many different designs. It is important that the respective article fits the car (tailpipe, rear apron) and, if possible, fits in Approvals owns. From a purely legal point of view, if something is welded or partially screwed onto the muffler or tailpipe, then it is subject to acceptance can be. Modifications that affect the operational reliability are usually always Subject to acceptance. However, when gluing such facings can not be intervened in the technology. Despite all this, the cover must be attached in such a way that it does not fall off, endanger other road users or impair the functionality of the exhaust system.

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