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In Review - Foliatec Spray Film Black Glossy (Tutorial)

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Foliatec Spray Foil Tutorial 2018 tuningblog 1 In Review Foliatec Spray Foil Black Glossy (Tutorial)
the struts should become black in the middle

With this short guide, I would like to show you how you foiled with radiator grille a radiator grill, for example, has a chrome surface. While you can go with other surfaces with a classic spray can and conventional paint that is completely different with chrome parts. The painting of chrome-plated parts does not prove to be more difficult, the problem is the fact that the paint does not last. The chrome-plated surface is extremely smooth and even easy sanding does not really make it much easier. In addition, sanding naturally permanently damages the surface and after sanding, even an additional primer must be applied. Everything pretty elaborate as we find. For this purpose, spray film is much better than this can be applied without sanding directly on the surface and is even completely removable.

Foliatec spray foil tuning blog e1519039482709 In the test Foliatec spray foil glossy black (tutorial)We have a can Foliatec Glossy black 400 ml ordered on Amazon for € 20,95 and would like to show you how our chrome-plated grille turns black. The Foliatec spray film is of course not only suitable for chrome-plated surfaces but can also be applied to almost any other surface. The repainting of aluminum rims is popular, but changes to the bumpers, the trim strips on the outside or in the interior are also feasible. The treated part not only gets a new look but is even protected from damage and the weather by the rubber-like layer. Foliatec states that 1 can with 400 ml is sufficient for approx. 2 rims, which means that you can give your wheelset a completely new look for approx. 42 €. We have already tested this on a wheel set with a similar product and if you are looking for a tutorial for alloy wheels, you can easily HERE daily.

What you need ...

  • degreaser
  • microfiber cloth
  • masking tape
  • possibly cover paper
  • Sprühfolie

Test object is the grille of our VW Phaeton

After the radiator grille has been removed, it was thoroughly cleaned with clear water and later with a degreasing agent such as spirit. The VW emblem can be easily removed in this model and so we save here the additional masking.

Foliatec Spray Foil Tutorial 2018 tuningblog 7 In Review Foliatec Spray Foil Black Glossy (Tutorial)
click on the VW emblem by turning and pressing it

The next step was to mask everything that should not get new color. This was on our grille the chrome frame outside.

For masking a simple Papierabdeckband (Masking tape from the hardware store), if larger areas are to be protected, you can use simple newspaper. After the radiator grille was completely masked off, we cleaned the cross braces with a microfiber cloth to remove small dust particles.

let's start spraying ...

We applied our first spraying process thinly so that you can still see the chrome shimmering through. However, already at the first run it is noticeable that the Foliatec spray film has a particularly high opacity, which we could not say with other products we tested. On the one hand, this has the advantage that the spray film is of course more productive, and on the other hand, it is also noticeable that the viscosity is perfect for the layperson because rapid "sagging" is impossible with this product.

wait 15 minutes for 15-20 degrees room temperature between sprays

Foliatec Spray Foil Tutorial 2018 tuningblog 15 In Review Foliatec Spray Foil Black Glossy (Tutorial)
second spray already leads to the result

After a few minutes of drying, the second coat can be applied, which should be covered. For us, this second passage was already sufficient to be completely opaque, of course, this was partly favored by the already black surfaces of the radiator grille. To be on the safe side, after a dry season of about 15 minutes, we applied one last pass.

Remove masking tape promptly

If you have applied the last pass you should allow 15 minutes to dry and then begin to carefully remove the masking tape. The background is that the film naturally combines with the over-coated masking tape and, when the spray film has dried completely, the removal of the masking tape can certainly pass into the painted surface. Of course, it always comes a little bit on the treated component, but with our grille, this was in any case an important step. Paint your rims so you can leave the masking tape on the tire until the spray film is dry, the danger does not exist here.

We would like to show you with this article how we dealt with the spray film and hope that it is a little help to you. We point, however insistentlythat we assume no liability for the correctness. We do not guarantee the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Liability claims against us, which refer to damages, defects of a material or immaterial nature which arise or have arisen due to the use of the information in this report, are generally excluded to the fullest extent possible.

even complete vehicles can be painted with the spray film

Foliatec spray film URBAN SILVER METALLIC MATT Mercedes A45 AMG Tuning 2 e1472141303557 In the test Foliatec spray film black glossy (tutorial)
Foliatec spray film on a car

(Text: Arne Bayreuther / Pictures: + Foliatec)

also now in black are the frame of the fog lights and the bumper middle section

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