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Foxtail tuning and flower vase: ornament for the car

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Foxtail Antenna Interior Mirror Tuning Foxtail Tuning and flower vase: ornament for the car

Foxtail tuning and the small flower vase for the car are tuning fads from the 80er, 70er and occasionally even the 60er years. What they have in common is that they have become rare these days and are ridiculed or ridiculed by many a fan of comprehensive autotuning. Nevertheless, both the fox tail for the car antenna and the flower vase are still available today and can give a car a personal touch. However, they do not really have a practical use. At best, one could say something of a meaning to the flower vase. It is purely optical tuning.

The flower vase for your car

Flower vase car tuning Beetle VW foxtail tuning and flower vase: ornament for the car

The flower vase for the car was invented in 1958 by a man named Karl Meier, known as Kamei. It was initially intended for the VW Beetle, but could also be installed in other cars. Unlike the classic flower vase on the dining table, the flower vase for the car is a thin tube that is reminiscent of the test tubes from the chemistry laboratory. But it can also be elegantly curved to look more like a vase, or made of metal instead of glass. Colorful decorations are also not uncommon. Usually it is attached to the dashboard with a suction cup mount and only contains one flower. Its function is to decorate the car, and it can even come in handy when you want to bring a single flower to your sweetheart. If you choose to have a flower vase in your car, remember that it should not distract or hinder you while you are driving. You still have to be able to easily reach all buttons and switches with one grip and the view of the mirror and the window in front must be free and unobstructed. The holder of the vase must be firm so that it does not spill or fall off while driving. This is a major weak point in the suction cup attachment, as it often becomes too weak over time. Flowers also do not last long in the often hot and unnatural environment in the car. However, you can avoid this problem by choosing an artificial flower. But not to give away ... ^^

The foxtail on the car antenna

At the end of the 70s, it became modern to tie fox tails to the then usual long telescopic antennas. No, of course it is not the saw, but actually meant the cut tail of a fox! Alternatively, it can be the tail of another animal or a faux fur imitation. The tail on the antenna flutters like a flag in the wind and attracts attention. In his time that was considered very cool and probably impressed the girls. At least if you were a fan of the Opel Manta. Although there were other vehicles (Ford, VW, Opel -> Golf, Capri, Kadett, American muscle cars) with a foxtail on the inside mirror or the antenna - but the Manta drivers were clearly in the majority.

Meanwhile, you should consider before buying a fox tail for your car if it is not likely to trigger adverse reactions in animal lovers. Also, he will never achieve the same effect on today's shorter and more stable plastic antennas. Do you have an Opel Manta? Then the part is somehow ran as we find. As always when you attach something to your car, you also have to be careful with the foxtail that it is really fixed and can not be torn off while driving from the wind. Even a soft foxtail can cause an accident if it suddenly bangs on the windscreen of the car behind you.

enough alternatives made of faux fur available

Fox Tail Antenna Interior Mirror Tuning 2 Foxtail tuning and flower vase: ornament for the car

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