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Protection and chic! Vehicle tuning with front bars

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Mitsubishi L200 Pickup Tuning delta4x4 3 Protection and Fancy! Vehicle tuning with front bars

Bull scavengers, cow catchers or rams are the very popular front bars that have been around since the 1980 years. However, the uncertainty is growing more and more, especially in the tuning scene. What else is allowed and what is not? Actually, these brackets were used to be better protected from wildlife accidents in the car. Then came the bull catcher here in Germany, especially in the SUV but quite well on the VW T4, the Opel Zafira or the VW Touran. At first, the danger for cyclists, pedestrians or children was not considered. However, this has changed fundamentally in the 1990 years, as there were more and more accidents.

Front bar and the back and forth

delta4x4 Tuning on the VW Amarok Pickup 2 protection and fancy! Vehicle tuning with front bars

These often ran very dramatically through the front bumper on the cars. But about the real danger, neither the car owners nor the legislators were really clear. After then the EU made some specifications and there were already national regulations, the scene was even more unsettled. The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich then provided ETH Zurich with clarity by carrying out a number of tests. The result was frightening, which then led to a new European standard. Unfortunately, this did not really provide clarity, but then confused even more. Although these front bars are still allowed, they must meet certain requirements. Older vehicles that still have a rigid front bar, however, may still participate in road traffic. So if you want to attach such a cow catcher, ramming protection or bull catcher, you should get more information here.

Passenger protection bar is still a front guard

Delta 4x4 Mitsubishi L200 pickup on offroad tires 10 protection and fancy! Vehicle tuning with front bars

Since 2008, the new EU directive has been in place, but it still creates great uncertainty. The new conditions are clear and then not. Older vehicles do not have to break down the front bumper, so these vehicles can use it as before. All vehicles registered for the first time until 2006 are excluded from the new regulations. The new regulation entered into force 2009 and makes certain demands on the passenger protection bars. Of course, the front guard must still be firmly mounted on the vehicle. This has not changed, only that this temple must now have a mechanism. In an impact, this mechanism works around the front guard.

Bullbar + EC type approval

delta4x4 VW Amarok Beast Widebody Tuning 10 protection and fancy! Vehicle tuning with front bars

This reduces the risk of injury to cyclists, pedestrians and even children. So there are also newer Bullenfänger which are made of flexible plastic, but very similar to those made of stainless steel. But which cars and trucks are now affected. This is clear, all vehicles up to a gross vehicle weight of 3,5 tons are subject to this rule. All vehicles over 3,5 tons can still have a rigid bull catcher. Thus, the cow catchers are still allowed, but only fold over. Thus, the tuning scene can breathe easy, even if these safety bars are slightly more expensive. If you really love it, you can buy one made of plastic and have it attached easily.

Of course that had not happened yet!

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