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Gurtwächter - just annoying or irreplaceable?

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Belt monitor belt alarm belt buckle 3 e1574747533354 Belt monitor just annoying or irreplaceable?

For many, the beeping sound of a factory-installed Gurtwächters has become commonplace. There are few automakers who bring their models to market even without them. And there is a reason for this: driving safety nowadays continues to play an increasingly important role. Buckling while driving is therefore essential and enormously important. And there you should not get the idea by means of OBD diagnostics to deactivate the warning tone. After all, he can save lives! But should one in the car, if it does not have a belt guard as standard on board, pay for a retrofit?

Why a Gurtwächter is essential

Belt monitor belt alarm belt buckle 2 belt monitors just annoying or irreplaceable?

In any case, the answer to the question above is: Yes! Especially for people who have already got used to taking the daily trip by car without a seatbelt. For many, buckling up properly before a ride is seemingly wasted time. This behavior is a criminal offense and is not only punished with a fine of up to EUR 30, but also verifiably kills several hundred people every year in Germany alone. Everyone should ask themselves the question: Are the 2 seconds to buckle up worth more to me than my own life? The trivial answer should be "No." That is why it makes sense to get a seat belt guard. These cost between 10 and 15 EUR on the Internet. Most of them are battery-operated and emit a beep when the seat belt is not fastened to remind you to buckle up before driving. But there are also manual variants, which in our opinion are less recommended. Not because they are not protecting, but because the warning when the seat belt is open does not sound.

For whom does the investment make sense?

Belt monitor belt alarm belt buckle 4 e1574747662721 Belt monitor just annoying or irreplaceable?

Basically for all those who have no standard belt guard in their car and the buckle up (out of pure habit) often forgotten. If you also have children on board regularly, that makes the small investment all the more meaningful. Because children often unbuckle their seatbelts while driving without the driver noticing. Either by mistake or because they just want to do something after a long time. But in the worst case, this long period of time can mean death. For such cases there are special manual seat belt monitors which make it almost impossible for particularly adventurous children to "escape" from the seat belt.

Disadvantages of a Gurtwächters

Belt monitor belt alarm belt buckle belt monitor just annoying or irreplaceable?The ringing sound of a Gurtwächter is not necessarily what you want to hear when you leave early at 6: 00 with his car, and accidentally forgot to strap on. You can do this by changing the battery (Alternatively, there are belt guard with connection to the vehicle electronics) do not forget. Only then does the Gurtwächter fulfill its task. But then these were the only disadvantages associated with a Gurtwächter. But rather once too often torn from the thoughts and strapped later, not belted to drive a car and put your own life on the line. That may sound stuffy now. But some people would be happy if they thought and acted the same way. After all, everyone is responsible for their own safety. It remains to say that a Gurtwächter can clearly lead to the improvement of these.

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Belt extension Belt extension lap belt 4 belt monitors just annoying or irreplaceable?

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