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Retrofitting the high-beam assistant - sensible or a waste of money?

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High-beam assistant retrofitting the lighting assistant e1577626498888 Retrofitting the high-beam assistant makes sense or is it a waste of money?

High-beam assistants can be found more and more often in vehicles these days and often with one automatic driving light control combined. Many people appreciate the convenience of an automated system that ensures that the headlights are optimally adjusted and that the on / off switch prevents the oncoming vehicle from being dazzled. The system normally works reliably and without problems. Nowadays, the high-beam assistant is offered for most new cars, usually for a certain additional charge. Older models do not normally have this system as standard equipment as it is still relatively new. The gadget is designed to increase safety and comfort when driving at night and can also be retrofitted in older cars if required.

Conditions + precautions

High-beam assistant retrofitting the lighting assistant 2 Retrofitting the high-beam assistant makes sense or is it a waste of money?

As such, there are no legal obstacles to retrofitting a high-beam assistant that could cause difficulties. The retrofit is in principle allowed without restriction as long as you are within the legal framework and no direct changes are made to the headlights. This means that you have to make sure that you only buy approved parts and install them. High-beam assistants, like all auto parts, are subject to certain guidelines that must be followed. Accordingly, it is recommended to buy the parts from a registered car dealer. If a friend is known who delivers reliable and functioning parts, this is also possible with a proper purchase contract. But you have to consider that in principle every addition to a car is subject to a legal order. If you adhere to all specifications, there are no concerns here.

Order and installation of the retrofit set

High-beam assistant retrofitting the lighting assistant 3 e1577626591705 Retrofitting the high-beam assistant makes sense or is it a waste of money?

If you want to retrofit a high-beam assistant, you cannot basically order or install it alone. Usually it is necessary, for example, that a new one rearview mirror must be ordered in order to install the part and use it. The more installed in advance, the less initiative is required when laying the cable and the less effort is required. You should also check in advance whether parts of the system, or even the complete system, may not already be installed in the vehicle. The manufacturers do this to save costs in production. Often, the high-beam assistant only has to be activated by coding. If this is not the case, the installation must be carried out using third-party parts or using OEM- Execute or have parts carried out. As soon as everything is connected, the gadget has to be coded and done. Now of course you have to say that the whole thing is really only worth it if you have an idea of ​​the matter or know someone who will do the installation for you.

100% functionality is required

If the device is installed incorrectly, complications very often occur. These are often delays in the response of the high-beam assistant of various lengths. This is of course extremely annoying and in the worst case the device can no longer perform its function. If the sensor detects approaching vehicles too late and reacts too late, the installation of the high-beam assistant could have been saved. Accordingly, the company must be well thought out and prepared before it is implemented incorrectly. And finally, an important aspect is that oncoming vehicle. If the high-beam assistant does not respond or responds significantly too late, the driver of the oncoming vehicle is blinded, which in the worst case can lead to an accident. A high-beam assistant is not really necessary, but rather a luxury item. But in times of increasing automation, the little helper is sure to be seen. When retrofitting, however, very careful attention must be paid to the origin of the device and sensible installation.

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High-beam assistant retrofitting the lighting assistant 4 e1577626673204 Retrofitting the high-beam assistant makes sense or is it a waste of money?

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