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Racing look: hood holder / quick release

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Hood holder quick release fasteners Racing optics: Hood holder / quick release fasteners

Racing excites and inspires tuning fans throughout Germany. Many of them even build a car for the racetrack, also called the Ringtool. In addition to the six-point belt and roll cage, hood holders with quick-release fasteners (Engl. Bonnet Pins, Hood Pins / Latches) are not missing. They underline once again the racing style of the car. But how are they installed? And are they allowed on the road?

What are quick release fasteners for?

Hood holder quick fasteners 2 racing optics: Hood holder / quick fasteners

Quick-release fasteners are mandatory for every racing car. In contrast to a production car, they allow the bonnet or tailgate to be unlocked from the outside. In an emergency, sports attendant in racing can now access the engine more quickly, for example to put out fires or stop leaks. An advantage when it comes to seconds.

Which types are there?

Hood holder quick fasteners 3 racing optics: Hood holder / quick fasteners

Basically, all quick-release fasteners work on the same principle: The fastening bolts are fastened under the bonnet or tailgate, for example on a lock or side member. There, where the bolt hits the hood or flap, a hole is drilled. The top of the bolt is secured with a split pin so that the flap is secured against unwanted opening. Nevertheless, there are different types of quick-release fasteners. The best known hood holders are also the cheapest. They are usually made of aluminum and protrude clearly from the hood.

Hood holder quick fasteners 4 racing optics: Hood holder / quick fasteners

The backup is done with a split pin, at the end of a ring is attached. It prevents slippage of the cotter pin while driving. Beautiful, but also much more expensive, are the so-called AeroCatches. They are sunk in the hood or tailgate and therefore have a minimal body height. Especially important in racing: The surface of the vehicle is only slightly changed, so that the aerodynamics is only minimally affected. Another advantage: AeroCatches can be foiled or painted and hardly disturb the appearance of the car. In addition, there are models that have a lock, so that opening by strangers can be prevented.

Are quick releases approved?

Hood holder quick fasteners 5 racing optics: Hood holder / quick fasteners

Attention: In Germany, the most Hood holders and quick-release fasteners are not permitted. They do not comply with the StVZO. As a rule, they are tolerated as long as they are properly covered and no sharp edges can be seen. It can be helpful to sink these brackets into a "tub". The AeroCatches in particular offer an advantage here. Most of them are sunk in the hood anyway and do not leave any sharp or pointed edges. Nevertheless, it is important to find out about the approval of these hood holders in advance.

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