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Impregnation agent - care for the convertible top!

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With a vehicle like a convertible, you have the open design and the roof different requirements. Especially with regard to the durability of the tarpaulin (if available) and of course there are some things to consider from the roof. Weather influences such as sun, heat, but also rain can lead to permanent damage and leakage. And of course that has to be prevented. And an inexpensive way of preventing this is with a high-quality impregnation spray.

That is why impregnation is very important

Impregnation Impregnation agent Spray Cabriolet e1577428100552 Impregnation agent Care for the convertible top!

No matter if made of leather or fabric, the seats and the convertible top from one Convertible are particularly exposed to the environment and therefore very vulnerable. If you did not carry out any impregnation or generally no maintenance, cracks and other damage can occur over time, which can have serious consequences, particularly for the roof. Because a leak on the roof can also cause the technology to fail. Not to mention the wet bottom. Regular care can prevent this. In the first step, before impregnation is even possible, you have to do a thorough cleaning. Impregnation is only possible if the surface is prepared accordingly. Accordingly, it must be clean and fat-free. If it were dirty or dusty, the impregnation agent would not adhere and would therefore have no protection. Accordingly, extensive cleaning must first be carried out with a suitable cleaner. Depending on the roof and condition, a special cleaner may be required, but clear water is often sufficient. The same applies to the seats and any other part that is to be treated with the impregnation.

Even application of the impregnating agent

Impregnation Impregnation Spray Cabriolet 3 Impregnation care for the convertible top!

The impregnation can only be applied after cleaning and when there is no more moisture from the cleaning. Whereby Instruct sounds much more complex than it actually is in practice. Especially with an impregnation spray, applying the impregnating agent is easy and quick. When applying, you should make sure that the layer thickness is even and you don't miss any spots. And not much helps much! You should proceed exactly as the provider describes in the operating instructions.

There is even more information on this topic in our article "Impregnating the car - useful or a waste of money?".

Once the impregnation has been applied, drying is important. Before the treated part comes into contact with water or other environmental influences, the impregnation must be completely dried out and absorbed. Otherwise it would simply be washed away in the rain and offer no protection. How long an impregnation lasts depends on the impregnation agent and the use of the vehicle. This can also be compared with the use of shoes. These should also be impregnated regularly so as not to absorb moisture. Here, however, the manufacturer of the impregnation provides the corresponding information on the packaging.

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Solar module solar cell solar roof e1577426069489 310x165 impregnation agent care for the convertible top!

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Central lock dummy Centerlock e1577180887949 310x165 Impregnating agent Care for the convertible top!

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