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What does the crimping depth of a rim say?

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VW Phaeton 20 Inch ICW HR Track Plate Tuning 91 What does the crimping depth of a rim actually say?

With the Offset (ET) of a vehicle wheel is the distance between the center of the rim of the wheel and the inner support of the wheel flange. The center of the rim is measured between the rim flanges. Some wheel manufacturers also refer to the wheel offset as "offset" or "IS".

Offset wheel rims ET Tuning Meaning What does the offset of a rim really mean?

What does the injection depth mean for a meaning?

This measure, expressed in millimeters, can be positive or negative. The peculiarity of the dimension in millimeters is to be considered, because other wheel and rim dimensions are indicated in inches. The hub flange as a bearing surface of the chassis can also record the brake disc or drum. At an offset of 0 mm, the support surface and the vertical center plane of the rim form an escape. However, if the offset changes positively or negatively, this will affect the gauge as well as the steering, and thus the safety of the vehicle. With a positive press-in depth, the support surface pushes outward in relation to the center of the rim. Thus, the wheel sits in the wheel arch further inside, the track is reduced by the greater press-in depth. However, if the value is negative, the wheel is shifted outwards for the same rim width, the vehicle gets a wider track.

Novitec Ferrari 458 Italia ADV.1 Wheels Tuning 6 1 What is the actual pronation of a rim?
little offset allows the rim to wander outwards

Changed steering geometry due to the changed offset

On the steered axles, the steering geometry changes as the offset depth changes. This affects traffic safety relatively strongly. The vehicle manufacturers therefore specify to what extent the injection depth may change at all. If these tolerances are exceeded, the wheels must not be used. Anyone who drives with it, must count on the expiry of the operating permit for the vehicle. This is important in some tuning projects such as the use of new rims, which can reach the limit of the permissible Einpresstiefe.

Calculation of the offset

If the offset depth is not yet known for new rims, it can be determined by measuring and calculating. For this purpose, place the rim with its outer side downwards without tires on the flat floor in the workshop and then measure the distance between the bearing surface of the wheel flange and the outer edges of the rim. Half the difference is the Einpresstiefe, except for dual-tired vehicles. There, the Einpresstiefe slightly exceeds half the tire width.

Insertion depth Rims ET Tuning Meaning 2 What does the crimping depth of a rim actually say?
also so one can measure the Einpresstiefe

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