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Installing a wallbox for the electric car: what to look out for?

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E car electric car E vehicle installing a wallbox for the electric car: what to watch out for?

That we at tuningblog are not the biggest fans of electric vehicles shouldn't be a secret. Slowly but surely, tuners are showing us how Unplugged performance or TSportlinethat we should slowly rethink. So from now on we want to deal more with the topic of e-mobility. And an important point is the wallbox for the electric car. Having your own electric charging station offers the advantage that the e-car can be charged at will. This can easily be done after work or while sleeping. Supplying the electric car with power from a household socket is out of the question, however. Because household sockets are not designed for such a long or such a high power output. Instead comes the so-called Wallbox for use. It provides a private filling station for the e-vehicle. Once at home, the car can be parked and connected to the power grid. Permanent monitoring of the charging process is by no means necessary.

What should you watch out for during installation?

Install the wallbox yourself Funding 1 Install a wallbox for the electric car: What should you watch out for?

This wall charging station increases safety and enables a faster charging process thanks to its significantly higher charging capacity. This makes them an important companion for the owner and driver of an electric vehicle. When you buy an electric car, you also have to think about a suitable location for your own charging station. To make the wallbox easy to use in everyday life, experts recommend installing it in a garage or carport. However, this is not a basic requirement. Wall charging stations are wind, weather and weather resistant. In principle, they can therefore also be installed unprotected. If this is the case, however, a suitable IP protection class must be ensured when purchasing. For wall charging stations, this is almost exclusively at least IP44. This means that they are protected against splash water and foreign bodies with a diameter greater than 1 millimeter. And a protective cover for the wallbox is also available as an accessory from many suppliers.

What type of plug does the electric car need?

Install the wallbox yourself Funding Install a wallbox for the electric car: What should you watch out for?

It is also important to know beforehand what type of plug the electric car is designed for. Because if the wall charging station is installed in your own home, it should of course be suitable for powering your own vehicle. But not every plug fits into every electric car. So far, this has only been possible with combustion engines. Every diesel gun fits into every diesel vehicle and every petrol gun fits into every petrol engine. Not so with the electric car. Not even every plug fits into every wallbox. Wallboxes that are designed for different types and models of electric vehicles are therefore particularly useful. So you remain independent of a certain model or a certain manufacturer. There is also the chance that different electric cars can be connected to the same charging station. If it is unclear in advance which type of plug is required, a wall charging station with a type 2 socket is recommended. Both a type 2 / type 1 and a type 2 / type 2 cable can be connected here.

Wallbox for type 2 / type 1 as well as type 2 / type 2 cables

Typ2 Typ1 Wallbox plug connection Installing the wallbox for the electric car: What should you watch out for?

A standard electric car is supplied with normal electricity. Therefore it would theoretically be possible to charge it via a conventional household socket. However, it is not practical. The charging process in this constellation is very slow, which means that it can take all day to charge the battery of the electric car. In addition, household sockets are not suitable for long-term power delivery of this strength. The cable becomes warm and can lead to a cable fire. Therefore, a power line with a CEE socket should be used. This makes charging via a wallbox effective and safe, but the appropriate adapter cable must be used here. Although this high voltage connection is not a requirement, it shortens the charging time enormously.

The installation of your own wallbox

Install the wallbox yourself Funding 2 Install a wallbox for the electric car: What should you watch out for?

The necessary technical know-how is essential for installing the electrical connection work for your own wallbox. The cable that is used to operate the wallbox usually has a voltage of 400 volts. It is therefore by no means sufficient to watch a video on YouTube that explains how the power cable is installed and connected. Doing your own installation is therefore strongly discouraged. Handling high-voltage current poses a risk to life and limb. In the best case scenario, in the event of damage, there is also the risk of trouble with the insurance company. Instead, rely on a specialist here. After the specialist has installed the wallbox, it must be reported to the respective network operator before commissioning.

also for use in apartment buildings

The wallbox can not only be installed in your own home, but is also suitable for use in apartment buildings. This is also possible in a block of apartments in which you live as a tenant or owner of your own apartment. In the case of a tenancy agreement, however, the landlord's consent is the basic requirement. This must be informed in advance and his permission obtained. If he agrees, nothing stands in the way of the installation. If, on the other hand, the property belongs to several owners, the community of owners must unanimously agree to such an installation. Here it is worthwhile to explain the advantages of such a system clearly and understandably at the owners' meeting. However, it is important to pay attention to the framework conditions in an apartment building. This applies to the power connections, for example. If these are older, they may not be able to meet the demand for electricity from the electric car. An electrical engineer should therefore be consulted prior to installation.

we do not recommend the DIY process

Of course that had not happened yet!

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