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Tuning in the interior - what refinement options are there?

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Vilnius Tuning Mercedes A217 S63 AMG Interior 6 interior tuning Which finishing options are there?

When tuning and customizing a vehicle, many think primarily of the exterior of their car. However, there are also many ways to customize the interior of his vehicle to his liking ennoble can. The range of customization options is similar in interior size as the exterior, with the difference that only the occupants of the vehicle can see the finishes really.

Sin Cars R1 with Pagani quality tuning Vilner 11 tuning in the interior what finishing options are there?

Refinement of the cockpit

If the plastic parts in the cockpit area have become too drab, there are various ways to personalize your cockpit. For all hobbyists there is the possibility of using foil to give the plastic a different look. The foils are available in different designs, also with wood or carbon look. For a little more money, you can also coat the cockpit with leather. Many saddlery companies offer coating in different designs. Furthermore, it is possible to replace plastic parts with carbon. This refinement gives the vehicle more sportiness in the interior.

Tuning Interior Foil Carbon Look e1538973432985 Interior Tuning What Finishing Options Are There?
Interior foil in carbon look - easy to apply with a little skill

Individual car seats

The car seats offer excellent options for refinement. For example, in a saddlery you can get the car seats upholstered in new leather. There are almost no limits to your own wishes, as you can often decide between suede, fine nappa, alcantara or artificial leather in a variety of colors. In addition, you can also choose between different patterns. Who wants to have it a little sportier, also has the possibility completely new Sports seats to build in his car. Sports seats are offered by several manufacturers for a selection of sports cars.

A new design for the steering wheel

The steering wheel is in constant use while driving. This can lead to signs of wear on the surface of the steering wheel. In such a case, you can also refresh and refine the steering wheel, for example, with an Alcantara cover. Of course, a refinement of the steering wheel can be made without wear and tear. If the steering wheel is too boring for you, you can also buy a brand new steering wheel and, for example, a Sport steering wheel Install. A new sports steering wheel is especially useful if you want to make the interior of the vehicle sportier.

Momo sport steering wheel Tuning Tuning in the interior which refinement options are there?

The refinement of the interior is thus particularly suitable for those who not only want to wear a very individual design to the outside, but also want to continue this design in the interior. However, you should first check whether the appropriate refinement of the interior is offered for your own car. Of course, you can also make refinements yourself, and does not have to go straight to the workshop. Many materials can be ordered on the Internet or at retailers, which is especially suitable for less expensive finishing.

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