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The correct care of foiled / partially foiled vehicles!

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Tuning BMW 3er Li G28 Vollfolierung 9 The correct care of foiled / partially foiled vehicles!

Can be foiled vehicles auf die clean same way who. painted Vehicles? Basically, the maintenance of foiled vehicles is a controversial topic. But with this article we are trying to provide a little clarity. Basically it is don't care whether you maintain a painted or a foiled vehicle, because there are many points to consider foiled vehicles must be observed. Based on the instructions for use of various branded products from well-known companies, in this article we would like to talk about the Facial Cleansing and care of a foiled or partially foiled Inform vehicle. There are of course a large number of providers with cleaning agents that you can use to clean and care for a car wrapped in foil. Known are manufacturers such as Sonax (Sonax Xtreme Foil Care), Avery Dennison (Supreme Wrap Care cleaning & care set), Bruxsafol (for matt foils), Gtechniq HALO (Flexible film coating), Chemical Guys (Meticulous Detailer) etc. You could do the list carry on forever! But let's get to the process.

Cleaning the foiling

To clean the foil, choose a well-known one Foil cleaner. With a good cleaner, you can not only Treat matt as well as glossy foils and effectively removes all types of dirt as well as residues of oil, grease, soot or insects. Alternatively, of course, a means specifically for shiny Foils or a cleaner specially designed for matte Foil can be bought. If that is the case you should of course just treat the corresponding foiling with it. So no cleaning supplies for a matt film use on a glossy film, or vice versa. On the properties you should before the purchase respect, think highly of.

Maintain foiling clean clean seal 1 The correct care of foiled / partially foiled vehicles!

Using the cleaner is usually very easy. The cleaner is often made more compact by means of spray bottle delivered and simply applied to the affected area. It should then act for a few minutes. Then the film can be cleaned with a suitable sponge such as a Multi sponge, be wiped off until all protection remote has been. Finally, you should possibly Foam residues be rinsed with cold water. And your car will shine again in new splendor, except for matt surfaceswhich of course are perfectly cleaned anyway.

Sealing of the foiling

To care and sealing from foiled Vehicles have as many products as there are for cleaning. Also here are means from SONAX (XTREME Foil Care & Sealing), Avery Dennison, Gyeon, Bruxsafol, Gtechniq, Chemical Guys & Co. are fully available. The high-quality cleaning agents promote that color depth the foiling, offers more protection against harmful UV rays, as well as against road salt and rain. The cleaner can also cause unpleasant ones Insect remains and Schmutz can usually be removed easily. In addition, high-quality cleaners support one uniform Surface image.

Maintain foiling clean clean seal 2 The correct care of foiled / partially foiled vehicles!

Before you apply such a cleaner, however, you must completely remove the foiling clean and thorough dry. In addition, using the cleaner on plumper Sun or on strong heated films discouraged. Films on glass or in the interior should also be treated with such a cleaner not be treated.

In order to be able to apply the cleaner to the vehicle, we recommend one Application sponge. Such a sponge is often included with the product. Simply apply the detergent directly to the sponge and massage it evenly on the affected area. Ideally, you should always contiguous partial areas, speak the first bonnet and then the fender etc., are treated. After the sites have been processed, the agent should move in briefly before using one microfiber cloth can be wiped. This way the foiling can spot-free polished up become. Basically the way it works is pretty identical with the Wax application on a painted vehicle.

Maintain foiling clean clean seal 3 The correct care of foiled / partially foiled vehicles!

We have briefly summarized the most important tips for the care of foiled cars here:

  1. Apply foil cleaner
  2. let soak for a few minutes
  3. Rework affected areas with a sponge
  4. rinse thoroughly with water
  5. dry off or just let dry
  6. Rub in sealant with a sponge
  7. let it take effect briefly
  8. Remove residues with a microfiber cloth
  9. polish up
  10. ready

Our conclusion: Foiled vehicles can actually be maintained quite easily. The Facial Cleansing a breeze. The means Care for not only the foiling, but also leave it optically shine. It matters when it comes to caring for foiled cars not matterwhether the vehicles are completely or only partially foiled, or whether the foiling is matte or glossy. The regular care offers the vehicle wrapping significantly more protection and ensures that it remains an eye-catcher for longer.

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