Tip: How can stone chips be touched up in the car paint?

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Touching up stone chips paint car paint pen Instructions 2 Tip: How can stone chips be repaired in the car paint?

You can also damage the car paintwork without a painter fix it and repair it yourself. One should just be aware that at home you will never achieve the same result as with a professional. With regard to the typical rockfalls (small, round, except for the primer) the area to be painted must be good in advance cleaned and degreased will. Preferably with silicone remover. For mending stone chips are paint markers perfectly suited. They are available from the manufacturer and from many third-party suppliers in almost all of the original colors. Expiration: Often there is a small wire brush in the lid with which the stone chips are sanded. Then carefully apply the paint with the brush in the rockfall dab and the fresh paint dry out permit. Once the paint is dry, the surface can be sanded with 1500 to 2000 grit sandpaper. This will remove the excess paint. then polish up and done.

Paint polish as an alternative!

Anyone who already has paint damage on their car, how Scratches or stone chips discovered knows how annoying that is. It is not uncommon for even the smallest damage to result Rust stains in the paint, which because of this can eat right through to the sheet metal. It's also an unpleasant thing visually. Especially at dark paints, because the light primer or even the sheet metal stand out visually. Tiny little quirks can often be solved with a good one Remove polish, but that is not always successful. Especially in winter, cars can get away quickly with gravel rockfall affected. In the optimal case, however, such damage can be removed with a scratch polish. A vehicle painting is roughly divided into one Paint layer and the clear coat on top. If only the clear lacquer is scratched, that is often enough to repair it Scratch polish. The touch-up stick mentioned at the beginning does not even have to be used.

Check how deep the scratch is!

Repairing stone chips paint car paint pen Instructions e1635140569368 Tip: How can stone chips be repaired in the car paint?

Before doing this, you should check how deep the scratch is! Self-diagnosis can be carried out with a “fingernail”. Just drive over the scratch / stone chip and you should be on the edges get stuck, then the upper clearcoat layer is destroyed in any case. A solvent can be used to determine whether the scratch is deeper to the sheet metal enough. To do this, a cloth is drizzled with a gentle solvent and then wiped over the scratch. If the scratch appears transparent for a moment and the actual vehicle color shimmers through, the paint is under the clear coat still intact. In this case, you can just use some clear coat to be repaired. In the case of superficial damage, an initial attempt with scratch polish is always recommended recommendable.

do not use cheap products

However, it is advisable to use high-quality combination products. This means that two work steps are done in one wash. The damaged area becomes flat geschliffen and at the same time gloss polished. Various paint scratch polishes were already used by the Society for Technical Monitoring (GTÜ) and also tested by other testing organizations. The result often shows that the tested products can cope with various scratches in the paint, but there are often compromises in the sometimes difficult application processes and gaps in the product description. A good product has detailed and easy-to-understand instructions for use with it to prevent incorrect use, which may cause more harm than good, to exclude.

Touching up stone chips paint car paint pen Instructions 5 Tip: How can stone chips be repaired in the car paint?

Contrary to many assumptions, it is better to use soft cloths instead of the well-known polishing cotton. The repair site should also treated generously so that the transitions to the untreated paint are uniform and merge inconspicuously. Otherwise, a particularly noticeable, very shiny point may arise where the stone chip / scratch was previously, in an otherwise faded or dull surface. That doesn't make it look any better. Should the scratch be except for that Body panel are enough, you absolutely need one Touch-up pen in matching body color. As already mentioned at the beginning, laypeople can usually dare to undertake the undertaking themselves. Therefore, the following is a more detailed guide: The damaged area must first be carefully inspected. Any rust spots or metal burrs must absolutely advance, for example with a sharp craft knife, scraped off .

White spirit and cotton swabs

Touching up stone chips paint car paint pen Instructions 4 Tip: How can stone chips be repaired in the car paint?

The processed position must then with Benzine and a cotton swab cleaned and degreased. The freshly applied varnish is best done with a fine one Watercolor brush The Size 0 or 1 Instruct. The area that was repainted still needs to be reworked after it has dried and hardened. You can use a sanding block for this Grit 1.500 or 2.000 use in combination with water. But you have to be very gentle and never remove too much paint. Finally, the treated area is wiped with a dry cloth, then with a commercially available polish polished and sealed and the damage is repaired. If you have worked properly, (almost) nothing of the previous damage should be visible. Tip: A special one Paint protection film / stone chip protection film helps preventively.

Touching up stone chips paint car paint pen Instructions 3 Tip: How can stone chips be repaired in the car paint?

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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