Engine swap, also called engine swap. The supreme discipline of tuning.

Surely you have ever heard of so-called Sleepern that is, cars that are almost in their original state, and whose performance, which often exceeds the original output of the production model many times over, does not look from the outside. These cars are often subjected to a so-called engine swap, ie an engine replacement, in order to be able to shine in the tuning scene and on quarter mile races.

Ferrari F430 engine in the 1968 Ford Mustang

Now I'll explain you more about what such an engine swap is.

An engine swap is the process of engine replacement in a vehicle. You replace the series engine with a, almost always, much stronger aggregate, which often comes from a third party company. You want to get as much power out of the car as possible, or to make it fit for the future, for example with classic cars, by installing a modern engine that meets the current emission standards. Also the Conversion to electric drive is becoming increasingly popular and has the effect of avoiding possible driving bans in inner cities and environmental zones. However, the engine swap is very popular with tuners of the VAG scene or the Opel scene, which often older Golf and Polo models, which were equipped as standard with a base engine, the maximum standard 54 PS made.

BMW E39 M5 widebody with 2JZ turbo engine

the swap is particularly popular with VW & Opel fans

The basic models are often equipped by tuning enthusiasts with VR6 engines, more precisely the 2,0 turbo gasoline engine with the factory code EA888, if it is a VW, or with the C20-LET engine from the Opel Calibra 4 × 4, when the vehicle to be tuned is called Opel, in order to generate a lot of power and make the owner happy. Outside Germany, however, the LS engines with V8s from General Motors are the most popular engines when it comes to an engine swap. These engines, which are used for example in the Corvette or the V-Series models from Cadillac, are very popular when it comes to giving classic cars a new heart that makes them fit for the future. But there are always engine swaps where you just shake your head, as the current tuning fair SEMA in Las Vegas shows.

An old 1974 Mercedes 240d with 2jz heart from the Toyota Supra

not always reap acceptance in the engine exchange

There is a Porsche 911 (964) with a Honda engine, which was taken from an Acura Integra to him with the help of a customized subframe to transplant into the Porsche. There is also a Lamborghini with diesel engine from the VW shelf. It is not yet known which diesel it is, but even the VW V10 TDI or the V12 TDI from the Audi Q7 is not a suitable engine for a Lamborghini. But you have to be aware that you can not install every engine in every vehicle if you want to make an engine swap on your vehicle. Before starting, check properly whether the new, larger engine also has room in the engine compartment of your vehicle, and then nothing stands in the way of a proper engine replacement.

PS:  So that engine Swap can be done safely, you need a good motor stand. more information is available here! And iOnce the conversion has been carried out, an acceptance test must be carried out in order to legally participate in road traffic. And the insurance company must also be informed about the engine replacement. If this does not happen, the Service reduced or completely refused

Of course that had not happened yet!

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